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    I have an older model plasma that does not have a hdmi input.I want to hook up my ps3. My direct tv receiver is hooked to the audio video input in the tv via a/v plugs.I bought a hdmi to dvi cable but it does not transfer sound. Does anyone know another wat to hook my ps3 to tv.Can I hook a audio splitter(y cable) to the input on the tv and get sound from receiver and ps3 thanks for any kind of help
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    Maybe change your subject title to "at a loss" ? Or better yet, change it to "How do I hook up old plasma TV to ps3"
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    allen john-in the future please use a more descriptive subject title in your posts to allow others to search for similar topics. I will change yours this time.
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    Component is supported for the moment, although it may not be on the next model. I think you need to get an adapter from Sony. Audio can be analogue or optical digital.

    This is all explained very clearly in the manual.
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    You may want to look into a standalone HDMI->ComponentAnalog Adapter (HDCP-compliant, if possible). Could help in more ways than just the ps3.

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    You do realize that playing games on a Plasma tv is very bad for the TV, i believes it come a close second to dropping TV from second story window. You will most likely start to experience severe ghosting.
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