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    Hello VideoHelp members...

    I have an AVI (With 3 audio tracks, all MP3) that I want to add an SRT file too.

    In mkvmergeGUI I put the two files (AVI and SRT) in the input, click start muxing, it processes for 18 sec, and then I have the new MKV file.

    I use CCCP and play it in media player classic (last version), but the subs are always there!!! Like a HARDsub!

    The Subtitles option (in Play tab) isn't even active. Then I can't disable the subtitles!

    The idea was use the subs only, when using the Japanese audio.

    What can I do to resolve this??

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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    If I disable DirectVobSub, subs don't appear, that means a soft sub, but I can't disable subs inside the MPC.

    What I'm missing?
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  3. If the .srt subs are ANSI(easy way to tell is load in Notepad, then do Save As .. the file type drop down will say ANSI or UTF-8 or whatever) you can use AviAddXSubs to embed the subs as xsub in the output .divx file. VLC will play the subs selectively. Also I believe WMP 12 will display xsubs.

    Alternatively you can create idx/sub files using AviAddXSubs. Most players will pick up the idx/sub if they have the same base name as the video file and are in the same folder.

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