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    Please help me
    I am desperately trying to find out whether Knoll Light Factory EZ Studio is something you buy or if it is something that comes bundled - for example with Red Giant ToonIt Studio.

    Is Knoll Light Factory EZ Studio part of ToonIt Studio?
    I am asking because I am identitifying software strings for creating software license compliance reports, and I have this exe file called: Knoll Light Factory EZ Studio.

    I hae written to Mindvision and Red giant after having googled the application, but none of them knows it.

    As I assume it has something to do with DVD Video, I thoguht that maybe some of the experts in this forum might know of it?
    Any piece of information as to this application will be greately appreciated. Please help me!
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    Doesn't sound legitimate to me - especially if Red Giant doesn't know anything about it

    Knoll Light Factory EZ is an after effects plugin that comes with Knoll Light Factory. There is a version for photoshop as well. There is no "studio" version that I am aware of, and it doesn't have an .exe extention - it is a plugin .aex. The installer is not called that either

    I'd be suspicious for a virus/malware

    Searching google , all the links for "Knoll Light Factory EZ Studio" are invalid - they are all spam and none contain legit products
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    Thank you.
    It is probably as you say. I have just not been able to go any further. I think I will enter you description and tag the application 'Bundled'.
    thank you.
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    Sorry for grave digging, but I was refurbishing an old laptop of a relative and ended up here trying to find out the same answer. Might just leave a definite one here for archives, whomever it might concern.

    Both Knoll Light Factory EZ Studio and Red Giant ToonIt Studio were bundled with a purchase of Pinnacle Studio 14. The installation packages ARE stored as legitimate .exe files within the Pinnacle folder, whereas the installed filters obviously are not executables.
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