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    I used EAC for ripping my audio cds but now I use dBpoweramp and I'm very impressed. So I ripped an old scratched audio cd accurate, which EAC couldn't rip because it got read errors. Then I was confused and tried to rip the scratched audio cd again and dBpoweramp then said that the tracks are not accurate. Tried to rip it again 5 times without getting the tracks accurate again.
    Then I tried to rip the audio cd with two older drives (Lite on, Optiarc), but then there were only read errors, so I got none of the tracks.
    My best drive is a LG BH10LS30. My question is there a better or even the best drive for getting the best audio cd ripping results?

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    Some say the SamSungs are pretty good with scratched media.
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