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Thread: Samsung HT-D550

  1. Hi all, has anyone already done the multi region hack for the Samsung HT-D550?

    I have tried the method for the HT-C550, but no success ... And the region hack for BD5550 didn't work as well...
    Mine is region 1.

    In the version page of the DVD it shows as a HTD-D550, but in the box is a HT-D550.

    Thank you!
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    Maybe you'll get lucky and get some help, but the odds are that you'll never be able to unlock it.

    1) Samsung and Sony make the most difficult to unlock DVD and BluRay players in the world. And the situation is at it's worst in the USA and Canada where I've only heard of ONE Samsung player that MIGHT be able to be unlocked - and it wasn't your model.
    2) Due to hardware differences unlock codes may only work on models sold in other parts of the world such as Australia. Or the code may have worked at one time but due to hardware changes during production (this happens more than you might think) the code no longer works on your model because the hardware is different from the one it worked on in the past.
    3) If "HT" means Home Theater you should be aware that speciality type players such as home theater systems and combo players (DVD/VHS, DVD/TV, etc.) have always been extraordinarily difficult to unlock with most never being able to be unlocked.

    Due note that sometimes requests like your do eventually get a response with a code that does work but it can take months for that to happen. I don't want to give you false hope as with Samsung most likely you are screwed but be sure that your profile is set up for you to get email if anyone ever posts to this thread as maybe you'll get a code that works.
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  3. Wow, that's a fast answer!! Thank you very much!
    Yes, the HT stands for Home Theater, I wanted do unlock, but is not that much necessary, because, I am using it to amplify the sound of the TV (samsung model C630).

    But is always good to have a unlocked DVD.

    Again, thank you!
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