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    So this weekend I bought a new TV, a new surround sound system, and a PS3 Slim all connected through HDMI cables and Optical out from my TV to the receiver. My TV can stream over DLNA, but even though it has the optical out the TV downgrades to stereo sound.

    So I installed PS3 Media Server on my computer so I can stream to the PS3 and get full surround sound on my videos, but came across the dreaded Cinavia DRM. Today I've been looking everywhere for more information about it. So here are my questions:

    1) Some people say you can enable the optical out while still only using HDMI and that will bypass Cinavia, but in doing so you lose surround sound. Is this true?

    2) Some posts say you can reconvert the videos with certain programs to get rid of the Cinavia protection. Which one(s) are best/easiest/quickest?

    3) Which brings me to my third question. Is there a program that detects which files have the Cinavia DRM? I have a lot of video files and don't want to have to guess which ones are safe and which ones are "infected".

    4) This should have probably been question 1, but is there actually any easier workaround, like a plugin or alternative to PS3 Media Server that will disable Cinavia on the fly while it's streaming?

    Thanks in advance!
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