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  1. I'm attempting to copy out the 3 binaries needed for ffmpegX to some lab machines, and I figure out where ffmpegX stores it's settings that say "I've already installed the binaries to /Library/Application Support/ffmpegX". Just putting the files in that location doesn't seem to do it.

    Anyone have any ideas where this is stored? The plist in /Library/Preferences doesn't seem to have this information in it. =/

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    The three separate binaries (mpeg2enc, mencoder, mplayer) are stored in (root)/Library/Application Support/ffmpegX/ .

    Do note that the installer does more than copying these files to their final location. It fixes them (file name (if needed), permissions, executable bit) and it installs some extra stuff in (root)/Library/Application Support/ffmpegX/ and it also installs the subtitle fonts in ~/.spumux/ (invisible folder in the user directory).

    I don't think the developer made any provisions for lab installs. AFAIK, the installer needs to be run once to get everything in working order.
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  3. excellent, thanks for the info. I think I'll just hold off until the next lab image is rolled and make sure to run the installer that time. I could probably make it work, but the demand has been only one person, so I'll just fix them, and wait on everyone else until next term.

    Thanks for the info! Glad someone actually knew what was happening.
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