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    I get a lot of videos and have been converting them to DVD's using ConvertX to DVD, but was wondering if there's a way to simply play these videos in their native formats (mkv. avi, etc.) from a flash drive? Thanks.
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    Western digital media player.
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  3. Or: Seagate FreeAgent Theater+, Asus O!Play, Diamond Media Wonder, TVIX, Patriot Box, AC Ryan Playon, Hauppauge HD Media Player, Xtreamer Pro, Dune HD, Popcorn Hour, Boxee Box, PopBox...
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  4. Samsung TV play frm Drive.
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    Originally Posted by RabidDog View Post
    Samsung TV play frm Drive.
    Newer mid to upper range HDTV sets play a defined set of formats/containers from USB or SD flash slots. Each TV varies so consult the manual. Same goes for DVD and Blu-Ray players.
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  6. I use a FreeAgent Theater+, it adds Internet Apps, streaming from computer, file servers, etc. About $50 at Newegg.
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