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    Have a bit of a problem, and need thorough answers if you can.

    1 - I'm re-ripping my Avatar Blu-ray to 1080p via MakeMKV.
    2 - I'll then be using MKVExtract to seperate the video, audio, and subtitles.

    Now at this point I need a SURE FIRE WAY to HARDCODE the Na'vi subtitles to the separated video file. What software do I need to do this?

    3 - After encoding the subtitles permamently to the video file, I'll be remuxing the new video file and audio file back into an MKV.
    4 - And then I'll use rebox.NET to make it playable on my PS3.

    In case anyone was wondering, my question is big and bold lol

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    Just finished separating everything, and I'm left with the following...

    *) Avatar.mkv (Original Rip)
    1) Avatar_Track1.h264 (Video)
    2) Avatar_Track2.dts (5.1 Audio)
    3) (The Na'vi Language Subtitles)
    4) (English Subs I don't need)

    Does anyone know a way for me to combine either the *.h264 or *.mkv file with the *.srt file, so I can "BURN" in the Na'vi subtitles to video?

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