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    I have some old VHS cassettes I need to grab. I have an old VHS player with a scart plug and also S-video. I also have an interface box from Pinnacle with jacks in, as well as S-video and Firewire. This box has a Firewire and a RS-232 serial cable out to computer. On my Mandriva 2010.2 computer I have an Old Pinnacle DV-card. This card have Firewire and RS-232 in. I know the card is working because I have linked my Old Sony Digital8 camera to the Firewire port, and I am able to use dvgrab to capture video from it as well as controlling the camera.

    So, my questions(s) are: Can I connect my old VHS-player through a Scart-Jack cable to my interface box and expect to get video through the Firewire cable to my Pinnacle card and computer? AFAIK the interface box is dumb and has no A/D-converter. Will dvgrab do the job, and have anybody any suggestion how to use dvgrap for such a job? Or is it any other HW/SW configuration I should try out.

    I'm willing to spend up to about what it costs to have this done by a professional shop, which I guess is about $150 to $250 (no, I haven't checked this, so I may be to optimistic/pessimistic in this estimate).

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    Not sure what to tell you but you can start here for other suggestions:
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