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    I have just bought this on e-bay. The installation CD that came with it does not open on my computer(windows XP SP3). I believe it works with SP2. Any suggestions how I can install it? Whether I can find a driver for it online?
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    If you did a search for Easy Cap or EasyCap here.....after reading the hundreds of posts about'd throw it in the garbage.
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    There are plenty of reports of drivers not loading from the supplied CD.

    Try the installation instructions here and see if they help:,640.0.html

    There is apparently more than one device being sold as EasyCap USB 2.0. Drivers are hard to find for some of these devices, and there is no manufacturer or retailer support for most of them. While some people get their EasyCap USB 2.0 to work, problem reports are many. I suspect that lots of buyers do end up throwing their purchase in the trash.

    If the instructions don't work out, plug in the EasyCap, and use Windows XP's Device Manager to find out more about the device.

    You could try the XP drivers from this link if Device Manager shows Syntek 1150:

    The drivers for Sabrent's USB 2.0 Video & Audio DVD Maker have also been reported to work for some of them

    No guarantees that any of these will work, and as always, virus scan the downloads before installing.
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    Easy cap Cd works with Windows XP SP2. My problem was I have SP3. Anyway I after a lot of search i found a driver on the site and installed it.It worked fine. I have transferred quite a few VHS tapes to my laptop using Windows Movie Maker. The transfer(capture) takes he same time as the tape(i.e. one hour video is captured in one hour), but saving the movie takes a long time. Video quality is good but audio has tape hiss/noise. Any suggestions?
    Also one problem that I face while capturing is that i cannot hear any sound. However, the sound is recorded and played back
    when I play the captured video. I have tried various things but still no sound while capturing in Windows Movie Maker.
    I tried Am cap and audio can be heard while capturing.
    Easycap works fine anyway.
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