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    Is there a free codec for the playback of blu-ray movies on a Windows PC? I've searched far and wide and everything eventually leads back to CyberLink's payware BD codec (or the newest PowerDVD release).... is there any hope for a freeware BD codec? Have I somehow missed it?


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    Codec is simple after the decryption.

    Bluray only supports MPeg2, h.264 and VC-1 for video. Audio is more diverse.
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    Nothing good, no.
    WinDVD or PowerDVD or pretty much screw around with sort-of working freeware.

    I quickly got tired of freeware, and the free software that came with the computer, so I bought PowerDVD.
    No problems since then.

    Blu-ray is a closed format -- not a codec.
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    If all you want to do is play blu-ray movies, try having a look at Splash player, I think only the Pro version plays all blu-ray though just looking at the website again

    I have just bought a DVD-ROM/DVD-Writer for the PC, and had great fun trying to get them to play. PowerDVD worked, but I just want to play them without all the 'extras', and found Splash player while looking for something else

    I used to use MediaPlayer Classic for everything, but it doesn't play blu-Ray or M2TS files without fiddling around with settings or tracking down and installing codecs to convince it to play them

    Splash player plays everything so far, and happily plays .TS or .M2TS files without complaint so have now moved over to Splash Player Pro

    Also if you want to play blu-ray's from any region you might also need to install other software, like AnyDVD HD or DVDFab Passkey to bypass the region protection, which also means you can 'backup' your expensive blu-rays to either your PC or onto a mediaplayer (like I have also just bought) to watch without fear of the kids ruining the originals and now not having discs all over the place
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    If you want full menu support you must buy, for example tmt3 or powerdvd.

    You can just play the main blu-ray video m2ts with mpchc, kmplayer, vlc, potplayer.
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