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    My partner is Japanese and we often receive TV programs recorded on DVD from friends in Japan on a regular basis.

    With the national change over in Japan to Digital Broadcasting our friends have recently upgraded their equipment. This month is the first time we received a CPRM (Copy Protect Recordable Media) with a video format *.VRO.

    Japan has embraced CPRM technology and the recorded DVD is produced by recording TV programs using a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) or DVR (Digital Video Recorder).

    The CPRM DVD would not play in Australia on our region free DVD player or either MAC or Windows computer.
    After some searching for a .VRO file player / converter, I discovered that CPRM DVD's are encrypted with a machine specific code. Which means the DVD can only be played back on the original PVR or DVR.

    So after multiple forums later - I discovering that normal DVD copy software MAC & PC was no match for the CPRM encryption. I finally stubbled across a nice little program called relCPRM.exe on a Japanese forum. I though I would share this solution with everyone else.

    The original Japanese post is here:

    This program basically copies the source from the CPRM in your computer DVD reader, removes the encryption and saves the decrypted *.VRO file to your computer.

    *Note: Not all DVD readers will mount the CPRM.
    • My iMac would mount the volume, however all files were 0k and were protected, so I could not copy them.
    • My Windows XP machine would mount the volume and I could also see the *.VRO file size. Copying this file to the computer did not help as it was still encrypted.

    Step 1 - Download relCPRM.exe here [ ]
    Step 2 - Unzip the file to your windows hard drive
    Step 3 - Mount the CPRM in your PC DVD reader and allow Windows to scan the volume
    Step 4 - Launch relCPRM.exe
    Step 5 - Although in Japanese click on the [BROWSE] button to the right of the first text field - this is the SOURCE location
    Step 6 - Navigate to the *.VRO file. In this case /DVD_RTAV/VR_MOVIE.VRO
    Step 7 - Although in Japanese click on the [BROWSE] button to the right of the second text field - this is the DESTINATION location
    Step 8 - Leave all the setting as default - do not change!
    Step 9 - Click the [START] Button

    Step 10 - On completion of the decryption and copy you will be presented with a "Process completed" pop-up window - just click [OK]

    PC users
    I followed the original Post suggestion and downloaded GOM player / Converter 30 day trial. GOM Player is able to play the *.VRO file format directly. So you can either watch on your computer or convert it to a different file format. GOM Converter took a while to convert the 3.68 GB *.VRO file to a 2.14GB *.avi file, however it was a good result although it included the GOM watermark in the top right corner.

    MAC users
    Copy the decrypted *.VRO file from your PC to your MAC hard drive
    Rename the file extension from *.VRO to *.VOB
    Open the *.VOB file in VLC player OR Movist and check the Video and Audio Quality.

    Option 1 - Convert
    You can use Handbrake, ffmpeg, MPEG StreamClip or VisualHub to convert the *.VOB file to any other file format.

    Option 2 - BURN DVD
    Open Toast Titanium
    On the VIDEO TAB select DVD-Video
    Either Drag the *.VOB file to the window or use the [ADD+] icon and navigate to the source
    Click the [BURN] start button
    Insert your blank media

    Best of luck!
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  2. Well done; looked around for awhile, then found this; nice job.

    I can confirm the method works for me.

    One detail though, you don't need to convert afterwards (for windows at least), just play in VLC, or rename the VRO to a .MPG file

    take care & thanks again.
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    Adding a mirror to relCPRM,
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  4. Nice. This will come in handy. Last time I had to copy an encrypted DVD-RAM I finally gave up and just did an analog copy. No big loss because it was recorded in 8 hour mode (352x240) but a straight rip will go a lot faster.
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  5. DVDFab Passkey can decrypt CPRM on-the-fly, and it's free now.
    DVDFab - Copy DVD and Blu-ray Disc to DVDR, BD-R, MKV and iPad/iPhone/iPod.
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  6. Good, another option. I had an opportunity to try relCPRM a few days ago. It worked.
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    Thanks, cprm_buster! Your directions worked perfectly.
    1) decode the cprm encryption using relCPRM
    2) use something like MPEG_streamclip to convert the vro to mpg
    3) burn to dvd (I used nero vision 10, which is on sale right now for $50 on their website).

    My only problem with relCPRM is getting the japanese characters to display in the applet or whatever it is -- did you use a native japanese version of windows, or use a regional setting?? Twould be nice if I could see the japanese rather than the gobbledygook that my win7 computer makes of it.... but hey, it still works! Doumoarigatou!
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    Does ANYONE know where I can get a copy of CPRMgetKey that doesn't have a virus. I used the link above very successfully for the month of December and into early January, and then suddenly CPRMgetKey had a virus and was deleted by my Anti Virus Software. I tried downloading the link above again, but the virus is in the zip itself. I tried searching all over the internet, but all the Japanese site ones that I tried had the virus.

    I joined 3 different file download sites (they apparently had CPRMgetKey in their lists) but after a week of frustration with each one, it emerged that all no longer had the file available.

    I found one at: (see below) which my Anti Virus says is clean, but it is password protected, and the link to the password site no longer exits. I tried 2 different Win Rar password crackers, but both say that it is not a Win Rar file, even though my computer says it is Win Rar file, and Win Rar opens it no problem, but without the password I can't extract it.

    I'm DESPERATE after about 3 weeks of frustration - Can anyone offer a solution?

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  9. I think the virus detection of CPRMgetKey is a false positive. Avg reports it as a virus but most other AV software doesn't. The password protected file is most likely the exact same program but your virus scanner can't read it without the password.

    By the way, the file you linked to is a 7 Zip file, not a WinRAR file.
    Still, without a password you're out of luck.
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    Thank you SO much for your help - I temporarily disabled Norton 360 and cprmgetkey (original version with the link on this Thread) works like a bomb, and I did a scan afterwards and my computer came up clean, so your tip about it being a False Positive was spot on.

    Thanks also for the info re the 7 Zip file - I had never heard of it until now!
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  11. Originally Posted by LesleyH View Post
    Thanks also for the info re the 7 Zip file - I had never heard of it until now!
    If you disable Windows "Hide extensions for known file types" feature you can see the extension on all file names. Since Windows uses the extension to decide which program to use when you double click on a file this is critical information that should never be hidden.
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    I can't BELIEVE I'm back here again so quickly. Since my last post I've been using relCPRM and CPRMgetKey VERY successfully - Up to last night in fact! This morning when I tried to run it (after temporarily disabling Norton 360), Windows 7 suddenly comes up and says: relCPRM is incompatible.

    I then tried running it under the compatibility mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 2) and when that didn't work all the way back to windows 2000.

    WHAT could be the problem now?? (I've also tried restarting the computer (twice!!), all to no avail)
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  13. I couldn't run relCPRM under Windows 7 64 bit (don't know about 32 bit) at first but there was a patch somewhere. I don't remember where I found it or what it was.

    After a little searching... I think it required a new version of cprmgetkey.exe (the version in my relCPRM folder is much newer than the rest of the files). I remember now it was very hard to find. File attached. If it doesn't work I'll upload the entire relCPRM folder.
    Image Attached Files
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    Hi jagabo

    Thanks for your post: I tried the download, but it made no difference. I am running Windows 7 32 bit. Could I maybe try your suggestion of the full download of your entire relCPRM folder?

    I REALLY appreciate all the trouble that you're going to!
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  15. Here's the full folder.
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    Dear Jagabo

    Thanks for the upload - I tried it, and it makes no difference. I attach screen shots of the error message. It occurs when I try to select the DVD drive that contains the .vro file to decrypt. i.e. the source file. (The D: drive in my case).

    It has no problems selecting the destination location on the computer. I even tried copying the .vro file to my hard drive and then selecting it from there as the source (instead of from the DVD RAM drive), but it gives the same error. The DVD RAM disc is ok - It copies in its entireity onto my computer with no errors and plays ok on my DVD player.

    What I find so puzzling is that it worked fine yesterday, and there have been no windows 7 updates since then. The only thing that has since received an update is Norton 360, but it's Windows that's giving the error, not Norton finding a virus??
    Image Attached Images    
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  17. I think I've seen that with discs that don't have CPRM. I don't have any VRO discs right now so I can't verify.
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    Dear LesleyH, jagabo
    First check if your drive is CPRM playable with DVDinfopro or Nero Info( ticked are playable)
    Second check the compatibility of CPRMgetkey and DVD drive here
    i.e. Plextor PX-716A works with cprmgetkey version 041 . cprm_buster posted version 041. Before the 041 version all versions maybe are infected . If yours isnt cprm compatible buy one DVD drive playable like this,
    third change the file extension .VRO TO MPG , Burn or make image com DVD Flick.
    Works fine on Windows Xp Sp3 and Win7 64 .
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  19. Originally Posted by bestmagoo View Post
    cprmgetkey... Before the 041 version all versions maybe are infected
    So can you provide v. 041 please?
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    Try this
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  21. That version has has only one byte different than the one I posted. AVG antivirus claims it is infected too.
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    Hi all

    My disc definately DID have CPRM. I STILL have have Windows 7 (32 bit) saying relCPRM is incompatible (even though it was working fine the day before), and I checked ALL my programme updates - NOTHING was updated between when I switched off my computer and the next morning, so that remains a bit of a mystery.

    I found another Japanese site at:

    On this site they recommend CPRM Decrypter which decrypts my DVD's with no problem. I attach a zip with all the necessary files in case someone else has the same problem. The word document explains it all (translated from Japanese by Google, but it's good enough to get the gist). The zip contains cprmgetkey.exe zipped as well as non, as I have told Norton 360 not to scan my zipped files, so that I can easily get cprmgetkey.exe back after I have temporarily turned Norton 360 off while decrypting. (It zaps cprmgetkey.exe while doing the routine scans, and I have often run full system checks after decrypting and my system comes up clean, apart from Norton zapping cprmgetkey.exe itself).

    I hope this helps someone else experiencing the same difficulties as myself!
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  23. I took a look at the file that LesleyH posted (this is the first time I've need to rip a CPRM disc since then). I didn't actually run the program but I found that it includes the exact same CPRMGetKey.exe that I posted earlier.
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    Well Hi everyone - thanks for all the posts.

    I have been watching the progress since my original post and it seems indeed that the relCPRM.exe has stopped working on my machine as well.

    I found an old forum dealing with this however the links to the files no longer exist.

    I'm recently back from a trip to Japan and I have 2 relatively cheap hardware options.
    I have purchased and tested both - ALL OK!

    1. Logitech portable external USB DVD (CPRM) player - AUS$47



    This comes with install dvd for ROXIO CINEPLAYER 5.3 (windows only!) YEN2,940 = AUS$29.40
    I gather that if you already have a PC DVD Reader that can mount the CPRM DVD, you will only require the software. (confirmed test below)


    I had major problems getting the CINEPLAYER 5.3 to install.
    The software required for the installer to work, provide on MY install DVD was corrupt and hence the steps below.
    Step 1 - Do a windows update and make sure you have the latest version
    Step 2 - Download and install Microsoft .NET VER3.5 then VER 4 -
    Step 3 - Update DIRECT X to the latest version -
    Step 4 - Run CINEPLAYER SETUP.exe from the install DVD - Your machine will require restart to complete the install
    Step 5 - Launch CINEPLAYER - On first insertion of a CPRM disc it will ask you to connect to the internet to download 2 codecs to allow for CPRM playback - you only have to do this once.

    Happy Viewing : )

    This is 100V - 240 Volt rated, so all you need is a power plug adaptor Japan to Australian and your set. (No transformer Required)
    It has standard RED WHITE and YELLOW RCA plugs - so just plug it into your TV or AMP
    And it also includes a remote and Batteries.
    The remote is in Japanese - if any one requires a translation - just post a reply.

    More testing...

    I plugged the Logitech portable external USB DVD (CPRM) player into my iMAC.
    I was able to view the CPRM DVD in finder. Instead of the files being zero file size - I could now see the full size 4.25GB.
    I copy the .VRO file to my MAC - playback was not visible through VLC Player, MPEG Streamclip, Movist, MPlayer OSX, DivX Player, XinePlayer and Quicktime
    I renamed the file extension from .VRO to .MPG and still this did not work.

    I launched CINEPLAYER on the PC and tried FILE OPEN both .MPG and .VRO extensions - This did not work.
    However - I was able to use the PC DVD Reader, mount the CPRM disc and playback using CINEPLAYER

    That about covers it!

    I gather over time more and more software players will become available that have CPRM playback ability - that's great if you want to watch on your Computer.
    However I enjoy watching TV on my entertainment system - 52inch SONY BRAVIA LCD with SONY 7.1 surround sound.

    I thought relCPRM.exe was the golden egg - however there seems to be some error or virus that has not been solved as yet.

    I'll keep you posted.

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  25. I'm still using relCPRM on my Win7 system. As of last week (the last time I needed to use it) it was still working fine.

    I think DVD Fab added support for CPRM too.
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  26. This gave me a bit of hope! I've just moved out of Japan and I've got a whole HD full of recorded TV shows I still haven't watched on my PS3. Problem is, I sold my PS3 Torne digital cable box, thinking that I wouldn't need it anymore as I'll be outside of Japan but I can probably still watch the recorded shows.

    Well, turns out I can't even enter the Torne program w/o connecting to the cable box!!!! I started digging online to see if there's anyway for me to extract the videos and play them on a PC / Mac, that's when I found out that they're encrypted. Someone had made a hardware mod on the Torne itself so that it doen't encrypt new files, but that doesn't apply to me. Right now, a program like the relCPRM is my only hope!

    File names from PS3 Torne are .ts000 and a .rid -> ch048_20110216_192047.ts000 , ch048_20110216_192047.rid

    Hopefully something will come out soon
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  27. My guess is the decryption key is in the cable box. So you may never be able to decrypt the files.

    Can you remove the drive from one cable box and put it in another and have the files play? Probably not.
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  28. By the way, I use Mpg2Cut2 to cut the decrypted VRO files into individual MPG files. You can tell where one recording stops and the next starts by the time stamps.
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    A couple quick comments:

    relCPRM and the other tools referenced in this thread should perhaps be indexed in the TOOLS section here ?

    I've not gone over this thread in detail yet, but may need to shortly. It may be that Posts #1 & 24 will turn out to be sufficient, in the absence of a formal guide. Still, I also made an effort to print out the translation of this page

    which may (?) contain some additional info, but this did not work out, and I just got a few portions of it. Maybe use IE Tab, or IE itself ? Failing that, I guess I could just print out some JPEG snapshots of it. That ought to work. I thought this might be worth mentioning, because you can't always find the guide you'd ideally like to find, and printing translated pages seems to be a problem.
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  30. I see that people have been having trouble with getting a clean 'relCPRM' file.
    I had downloaded many and including from within this post and all had been reported as infected with Trojans by AVG. All except this file linked here >>

    I hope this helps.
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