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  1. Hi . . .

    I have a Pioneer 20X DVD±R DVD Burner Black SATA Model DVR-216DBK and burn .avi files onto disks. I've been burning onto 4.5Gb disks but some of the files are too large to burn to 1 DVD. Is there a larger disk that I can buy to contain a movie that's about 1.5 Gb? I've found some larger disks on the internet that are dual layer but I don't know what that means or if my dvd drive can burn to a dual layer disk. I have Windows X64 and I use Nero to burn to disks. Can someone help me out?
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    Yes it can - look at the last line of the write speed on the spec page you posted:

    WRITE Speed DVD+R20X DVD+RW8X DVD-R20X DVD-RW6X CD-R40X CD-RW32X DVD+R DL12X DVD-R DL12XYou can burn dl discs with this drive.

    Dual layer discs are 8gb.
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    According to the specs shown on the page that you link to, your burner will burn DVD-DL at 12x. A few words of advice. Buy Verbatim Double Layer discs. Any other brands will be a total waste of money. Download Imgburn from the tools list at the left of your screen. It is free. Use it, not Nero, to burn your DL disks.

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    Well, personally I wouldn't use Nero for much of anything, especially DL discs. ImgBurn does a much better job. I would also stick with Verbatim DL + discs are they are the most dependable. I still use the 2.4X speed discs and I have done a hundred or so burns with no failures with ImgBurn and VB + discs on several different burners. Most of them are MKV (data) burns.

    The 216 should handle DL discs with no problems. If you can't find Verbatim DL discs locally, NewEgg, Rima, SuperMediaStore and others all carry them.

    And this isn't Video Streaming. Moving you to DVD & Blu-ray Writers Forum.
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  5. Ok, thanks a bunch everybody
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    Seriously ??

    WRITE Speed
    DVD+R 20X
    DVD+RW 8X
    DVD-R 20X
    DVD-RW 6X
    CD-R 40X
    CD-RW 32X
    DVD+R DL 12X
    DVD-R DL 12X
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  7. LOL . . . I didn't know what DL meant but I do now !!
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    Since you seem new to this, if you want to burn to DL disc, only use Verbatim DL discs. IMHO (and many other people's), Verbs are the only reliable DL media. Also, for regular disc, JVC (TY) and Verbs, don't bother with others, they are iffy at best and terrible often.
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