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    I have OJO Soft Total Video Converter... it does a decent job, but has some issues. (1) It doesn't seem to recognize SRT subtitle tracks (as I found out the hard way when trying to convert an MKV of the SWORD OF THE STRANGER anime), and (2) takes forever and a day to convert a video file from one video format (say MKV) to another (AVI).

    My question is: what programs are out there that take the least amount of time to convert video files from one format to another and still produce decent quality (or at least have a manual setting so you can set the speed and video quality)?

    TS Muxer is alright (as it can do TS conversions within minutes), as well as MKV Merge (which has a similar time frame in converting video formats to MKV). The problem is that MKV is not supported on most stand-alone blu-ray/dvd players and TS Muxer is 50/50 in it's ability to convert a MKV file into a playable TS file.
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    Tried any FREE ffmpeg frontend ? Like xmedia recode, format factory. Or a more complex tool like hdconverttox.

    It shouldn't take one day to convert...or maybe if it's a 24 hours long anime series.
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  3. The speed of video conversion is mostly determined by the output codec and the settings used. Most conversion programs will let you select codecs and tweak the settings. What codecs and what software you want to use depends on what devices you want to play the resulting videos on.

    You also need to separate the issue of remuxing audio and video from one container to another (what TsMuxer does) vs reencoding audio and video from one codec to another (regardless of containers). Remuxing h.264 video and AAC audio from an MKV container into an AVI container is fast but won't make it play on your Divx/DVD player (as an example). The video has to be converted to Divx/Xvid and the audio to MP3/AC3.
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    More games from first-time posters.
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    if you have a cuda enabled video card give the latest version of media coder a shot, you can convert to h264 coupled with ac3 audio muxed in an m2ts container which is blu-ray compliant. the latest version supports up to high profile and 5.1 level, you can set how many slices and b frames you want to use and the media code app includes some nice de-interlacing and denoising filters and you can do both cabac and cavlc entropy coding.

    best of all it's free.
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    If you want to do the simplest conversion round of an MKV file, but still get a reasonable quality in the result, try:

    I use it and it's great!
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