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  1. It's been a pain for me to extract, rename, and convert ass subtitles from my videos considering I have more than 70. Could anyone please tell me a trustworthy site where I can download free subtitles in srt format. I would most likely prefer a site that has a big database of anime and offers the subtitles in packs, not individual downloads.
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    We've had somewhat similar topics come up before if you want to search the forums. Not specific to anime, but asking about subtitle websites. You could try, but I don't guarantee that they have a lot of anime stuff. If by "packs" you mean that you can download a bunch of movie subtitles at once, no, they can't do that for you.

    I'm no anime fan so I can't tell you why this happens, but it does seem to me as an outside observer that anime fans take perverse delight in using formats that are poorly supported or not supported at all on various standalone playback devices. So I certainly understand why you'd prefer SRT.
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  3. the one i use is for dutch subtitles.
    But i search through google and as i have AVG Free anti virus it tells me instantly if a site is trustworthy or not
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    Anime fansubbers prefer ASS; they love the colours, fonts and effects you can do in ASS.

    But ask at the Anime Suki forum rather than here. If anyone would know, they would.

    I'd just load the ASS files in in Subtitle Workshop and save-as SRT, much faster than checking out random subtitles that may not sync with your files. It would take 5 or 10 minutes at most to convert 70 files.
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