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    I only recorded once on some DVD+R varying in different length of time. One has 5 seconds of recorded material and the other almost 2 hours. Is it possible to format them using software or the DVD Recorder. In my case I have a MAGNAVOX ZV457MG9 A and a LG RC700N.
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    Not unless there is a W after the R.

    That is, you can rewrite over a DVD+RW, but not a DVD+R.
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  3. If you didn't finalize the disc you can add more too it (and delete the existing video) using multisession. That doesn't really delete the original recording just removes it from the new table of contents.
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    For 30 cents is the effort really worth it ?
    PAL/NTSC problem solver.
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    Yeah I know there is pretty much nothing to do about it except put them through a DVD shredder but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. Just Curious.
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  6. Is It Possible TO Erase A +R Disk

    An example

    The recording was in SP on a Verbatim -R disk [ Not RW] A new disk shows 2h4, 4min, 12sec at SP
    By errer I recorded a 5 min edit file that I did not want. and erased it Which left 1hr, 59min on the disk.
    The program wanted was 1hr,48min and Fit the disk fine. The erased section does not show on the disk
    I had done this befor on both the hub and rim of a disk

    This was prior to finalizing Once finalizing thats it for the +/- R disk
    As I don't [as a rule\ put more than 1 program on a +-R disk so I can;t speak to an erase of a space in between programs but will iand check.

    Tim taken is less than peparing a new disk

    Same for a +R disk
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