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    Hi, firstly this is my first ever posting on a forum ever, so appologies if I don't include everything I should. However.....

    I am in need or some urgent assistance. I am Best man For my friends wedding in approx 10 days time.
    As part of my speech, I have used pinnacle 14 to edit together numerous items in order to play it at hiswedding.

    Thisbeing Video footage captured off a digital camera, Full HD video from my camcorder,aswell as numerous photos or images I found whilst searching the web. also a number of "backing songs"

    In shorts, I have invested some 70hrs cutting up the various videos to split second timing so they appear to be saying thing which they are actually not!
    In addition to matching this up with backing music etc etc.

    The whole thing last for about 9 minutes.

    When I play this back in the "editing suite" the timings are xcellent, and it all flows seemlessly. (however sometimes it has crashed, or had some lag on the sound) but 90% of the time it works great.

    However, when I selevt "MAKE MOVIE" , no matter which file format i make the movie in, when I play it back, the sound is distorted, the editing is all a mess, and for example, one segment may run over by 2 or 3 sec, even though that was edited away, and another bit my be short by a few seconds.

    This really has me demented.

    Can anyone help?? I am in Newcastle. If I am unable to sort this myself and you can I will pay, and travel.

    Otherwise I beleive I would have to by other software and start again and I am running out of time.

    Thankyou for your help

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    "Video footage captured off a digital camera" and "Full HD video from my camcorder" tells us too little about file types and codecs involved. (I suspect something like .mp4 and/or AVCHD, which, in that case, would demand loads from your computer and editing software. There may be a question of whether your PC meets the system requirements for processing HD material.) We don't even know the formats of still images and "backing songs." Thus, it is difficult to help you in any way.

    "Split-second timing" requires frame-accurate cutting, and most HD footage is so compressed that, without special processing, editors tend to cut on the nearest I-frame in a GOP (group of pictures), instead of a specific frame. It does not sound like your software can handle it.

    Furthermore, Pinnacle has been notoriously buggy for many years, and most of us here avoid it like the plague. I'm not sure you can find a lot of advisors on cutting HD with that software.

    It may come down to a matter of converting your raw footage to DV-AVI, then importing that new footage into Pinnacle. (It would no longer be HD, but your playback monitor at the wedding might not be HD anyway). At least that format will give you frame-accurate edits and run pretty smoothly in Pinnacle.
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    Hi, thanks so much for your response.

    Yes mpeg4 and yes avchd are the files used.

    The backing tracks are simply mp3 music files.

    I appriciate what you are saying about pinnacle, and

    Only after spending so much timemon it and searching the forums

    Do I realise that I should not have used it.

    The playback will not be in hd as you have correctly stated, so that
    Is not a necessity to have it that quality. That was simply what I recorded it in
    As I was excited about my new camcorder...... Sad I know!!

    With this on mind, can I alter the file type of the raw footage while it is in pinnacle,
    Or did I have to fo this earlier. Either way, could you assist with how to do this?

    If it means I will have to start all over again, which I think is how it is looking
    Could you recommend an alternative price of software, which is quite straight forward to use, if so, I can see a couple of holidays getting submitted at work to get this re done.

    Thanks again for you help thus far, and hopefully Ruth the above points.

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    Like you I record in AVCHD, but do not have a PC, at present, with sufficient power to edit or play it. I save the original AVCHD files to an external HDD in case I want them some time in the future. I use Corel Videostudio X2 (there is an X3 now), a direct competitor of Pinnacle Studio, which has a batch convert function which enables me to convert from AVCHD to HDV which my PC is able to handle.The conversion takes a while. There is also a modestly priced piece of software called AVCHD Upshift that will also convert AVCHD to HDV. There may well be several others.The results in HDV are OK as far as my eyes are concerned but may not be to another persons "expert" eye. I then usually post the resultant masterpiece to Youtube under the name sherman39. If you decide to have a look the ones shot in Tanzania are by this method.Hope this helps.
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