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    I have been reading alot of useful information, but I have not come across exactly what I am in search of. I know it can be done because i have googled it and been told it can be done. Although i have read many posts or threads of how to record from cable to your computer and the different ways. I have not read where anyone that has Verizon FIOS cable to do this. I want to download recorded items on my DVR that is thru my cable company onto my computer and then burn a DVD. I am aware of how many ways it can be done. I need to know how to do it that way. I really want to keep the gospel award shows on there that are in HD. In the future I plan on buying a PVR to avoid this problem but it does not help me now to get those shows off of that DVR onto my computer to burn to a DVD. I would appreciate if someone could tell me how to do it and what i need to do it. I have also been told that I can record them on both the pvr and dvr at the same time which is great as well. I can play later on my blu ray player. I am reading all of these different ways. I thought it could be done by using a ethernet cord, but the tech at Dell did not know. Also the cable companies always say no you can't do it because of copyright issues, but the smart techs said that is not true. I don't really care about the movies. It is the award shows that are in HD that i want to put on DVD. The movie u can buy anywhere. Thank you
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    You will get more answers here if you use a title that refers to your topic, as per our rules. I will change yours this time.

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    And welcome to our forums.
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