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    Hi There,

    I have been asked to put together a short clip of a office being vacated shut down then the new office being setup. The onsite contracter has months worth of video footage captured from a CCTV camera. I have had a look at the file provided which are DV4, you need a seperate application to run them "PlayerLiteH" which also gives the option to convert to AVI.

    Unfortuently the conversion whilst generating an AVI file is not recognised by any standard applications. I intend to improt in to Adobe Premier Pro 2.0 and creat the film but unsuprisingly DV4 is not recognised. I have searched the net extensivly for a file converter that can do this however no such luck, also have AVS Video Converter / Super & Any Video Converter do not recognise the DV4 format.

    If anyone knows of a way to convert these files I would love to know.


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    Have you tried mediainfo on the files to find out what is in there ? Run it on the source and the output AVI files. You may find you just need the right codec installed.

    Unfortunately many CCTV systems use proprietary, or at the least non-standard, variants codecs, which can make using them elsewhere difficult.

    Worst case, use the player to play back the files, and a screen capture app to copy the video from the playback window and save it as something you can use.
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    Just done a conversion of CCTV dv4 files. Used the player.exe (Windows) that comes bundled when backing up footage via a USB port on the DVR. Seems to play in QT no problem.
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    For search purposes here's an answer for those with security dvr's which use dv4 as file extension that has not been answered

    The recorders when backup "eventually" works will add the player as part of the backup thou is useless for anything else other than playing the file.

    Head to avtech, support, digital video recorder ... come down to "I got an "avc" file but not the player ... under here are two "player" setups ... works under windows 7.


    Conversion works by default but generates huge files so beforehand click the config button (below the OSD button) and set video compression codec before clicking the "avi" button (to the right of the OSD button).

    Now you can convert these files to a more compatible format when required.

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