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    I have some long mp3 files that consist of numerous songs. Is there a software that would allow me to break it into separate tracks?
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    Try audacity with lame codecs.
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    Also, mp3DirectCut.

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    MP3DirectCut -- a couple of reasons:

    1) it works with MP3 data, so it doesn't need to reencode; i.e. it's lossless.

    2) Its "Pause detection" may help you automate division into tracks -- see its manual.

    Split into multiple files

    At a wanted split position add a point selection: only click (not drag) with the left mouse button into the audio graph. To create the split point press [Cut] or Del. All split points must have a dotted line! Adjust a split point by dragging the gray grip with the right mouse button. To jump to a split point press [>I] or [I<]. To load a Cue sheet (a file which contains split points), open the cue sheet file, not the audio file. If the program does not find the audio file for a Cue sheet, open the audio file and then select Special - Load Cue sheet over current audio file. To split the track select File - Save split.
    Pause detection

    This function sets cues or cuts to gaps of definable length and level. The settings must be adjusted carefully because the results can be very different.

    The Level and the Duration sliders adjust at which audio level and gap duration thresholds a pause will be detected. Offset is the number of frames at the pause end which the cue will be shifted to the left or right. Cut whole pause means that not only a cue at the pause end will be created but a cut over the whole pause (beginning of cut slightly right shifted) if the pause is long enough. Don't use the Cut option when you want to create only a Cue sheet!

    The value of 'After a pause detection skip' can be used to speed up the detection process. If a pause is found, the program jumps further the entered amount of seconds. E.g. if you know that all of the tracks of your CD image are 3 minutes or longer, you could set this value to 150 seconds.
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