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    I have an MKV file and want to convert it and burn to DVD. (just for a regular DVD player hooked up to my TV)

    I have looked through various articles here but still don't understand exactly what format(s) are on DVD's that we play on our TV's.

    I am assuming there must be several formats that will this correct?
    I have handbrake, mpeg streamclip, and toast 10.............just don't know what to convert to exactly. )

    Will mpeg4 play on a DVD??? Do I need to convert my MKV file to Mpeg2....or what?? Thanks......excuse my ignorance.
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    mpeg4 will only play on certain dvd players that say they can play mp4. And then it takes special formats for it to work.

    DVD consists of mpeg2 video with either pcm, ac3, dts or mp2 audio. It must contain at least either a pcm or ac3 track. You can have just a mp2 audio track and MOST dvd players will play it just fine but some may not (rare though in that case).

    The audio must be at 48khz.

    Super should work.

    I prefer format factory. however you need an authoring program to get the mpg2 or vob files authored into a video_ts folder for burning.

    Dvdflick may be more straightforward for a novice user. Though I've never used it so I can't comment on it specifically.
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    AVS2DVD or MultiAVCHD will create a DVD. AVS2DVD can create a basic menu for multiple titles. I've only use MultiAVCHD for single titles.
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    DVDs are fairly rigid in their settings. Look to the upper left on this page for 'WHAT IS' DVD and you can see the format, specifications and structure. But there are quite a few programs that will do that sort of conversion with no problems. I use ConvertXToDVD for MKV>DVD conversions, but there are several freeware programs that work well.

    Mpeg4 is usually referring to Divx/Xvid and your player would have to be compatible with that format. MKVs often use H.264 codecs and very few set top players can play them.

    I notice you mention Toast. Is your system a Mac? If so you might look around our Mac forum for some tips.
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    thanks I'm getting somewhere.

    I'll read further. Yes I use my mac mostly......I have a PC too although it got sick with the infamous AV Security virus a few days ago and is completely disabled at the moment. Trashed it big time. ) I'll do a system restore later........I'm more interested in figuring out some of these things with video at the moment.

    After I unrar'd the files I ended up with an mkv, srt, and an mht file. Mht seems to be a document file of some sort.

    I'll read more and play with it some. The mkv opens and plays on my computer. I was hoping it would be a simpler conversion for and learn. Thanks, J

    ConvertXToDVD seems to be a simple way to go....... I'll try it on my PC
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