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  1. Now that there are no further developments on DIKO (GREEEEEAT SOFTWARE), I am starting to look other ways.

    I have tried a lot: AVStoDVD, TheFilmMachine, AVI2ISO and DVD Flick, but none of them works as I would like.

    What I need is a stable program with "one click" function. As automated as possible.
    It needs to automatic fit up to 6 houers on one DVD. I encode 3 movies to one disc.
    Of course I need the subtitles.
    The menu I'll do in DVD-lab afterwards.

    I think TheFilmMachine looked great, but I can only get it to fit 2 movies on a standard 4,7 GB DVD.

    What is the best solution. I don't have to be freeware...

    I have made quite a few dvds with 3 movies (xvid) on one DVD and the result has been fair with DIKO.
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  2. file size = bitrate * running time

    If you want six hours on a DVD you need to use a bitrate around 1500 kbps. At that low a bitrate you'll usually need to drop the resolution to half D1 or quarter D1.
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    Convertxtodvd is probably the best for something like this but don't expect great quality with 6 hours on a DVD5, DVD9 mat not be so bad though.
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  4. Yes, but I want a program to do all the process for me automatic...

    2 mins ago I just tested "Convert X to DVD" - This actually seems to work.
    Although I would it to force subtitles always. I have to put them on manually.
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  5. I think the quality of the converted video in CX2D is almost as good as in DIKO.
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  6. Get a DVD player that can play Divx/Xvid files and you can play most of your files without conversion. Or a media player like the WDTV Live.
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    What's wrong with AVStoDVD? If it is the bitrate default limitation (2500 kbps), you simply have to go to 'Preferences'/'AudioVideo' and change 'Video Lower Avg BitRate' from 2500 to 500 kbps.

    Of course, do not expect visual miracles with such a low bitrate...


    AVStoDVD Homepage
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  8. I had a similar question last week, and have to say that AVStoDVD once tweaked handled the job quite well using the HEnC 2 pass setting. THe results were as I expected, and actually looked pretty good on my TV.

    I suggest giving this a try.

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