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    i was recording a video on my droid and the battery came out (because a raccoon tried to steal it). ive got the 3gp video file but i think it is missing some information because the battery came out while it was recording. ive tried playing it in a host of players, and i tried using all_video_fixer, but the fixed file still wont play. VLC says "No suitable decoder module:
    VLC does not support the audio or video format "undf". Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this."

    is there a way i can save this video? i can post it too if you want a crack at it. thanks in advance!
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    Wild guess, but could undf stand for Undefined ? i.e. the header does not have the required information regarding the codecs used.

    You might be able to fix it with a hex editor by copying the header from a known, good, working file into a copy of the broken file. There are a couple of posts around that tell you how to do this.
    Read my blog here.
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  3. i have the same problem anyone can help ???
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    You try repair it with something like video repair tool. Use the trial first and see if it can find some video.
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