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    Can anybody give me some advice how to do %subject% ?
    I have some L5.1 movies but I need them in L4.1. I have some practise with matroska manipulation, but not with reencoding.

    Thanks a lot for any advice
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    H264info will change the AVC level without re-encoding. It only works on raw h264 files so you'll have to use Yamb to demux your video. You can also use Yamb to remux it.
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    You can also use tsmuxergui and change to 4.1 without re-encoding and demux to raw h264 and ac3/dts at the same time,then use mkvmerge to mux again.

    If your project only requires ts or m2ts files then no need to demux and remux,tsmuxer will output to ts and m2ts and avchd/blu-ray folders as well.
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    Use this:
    it works, its easy to use, and it was a relief for me.
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