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    I have an avi of Vicky Cristina Barcelona and all the subtitles I've found are for every word spoken; is there some way to only see the subtitles in foreign language parts?
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  2. Then the foreign language parts are Forced Subs. If you have VobSubs for the film, then opening the IDX file in Notepad and turning on the Forced Subs should work:
    # ON: displays only forced subtitles, OFF: shows everything
    forced subs: OFF
    Change 'OFF' to 'ON'.

    If your subs are SRT, or some other text based format, then forget it unless you want to edit out every line except for the foreign language ones.
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    You dont need to edit all the lines out if its a srt sub,just copy the lines you want and paste into a new srt file.
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  4. Hehe, now why didn't I think of that? It probably is easier to save out 20 lines than to remove 1000 lines.
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