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    Hello and thanks for having this forum.

    I am trying to convert a .mov video that I exported from Final Cut Express to put onto my website. It seems to me that exporting it in 'Quicktime Conversion' as H.264 with high quality settings, then converting to flv using a program such as your and a bitrate that is as high as possible without making the file too big for streaming online.

    I've also read a few comments saying that Flash 8, with the codec On2 VP6 is the way to go. Does anyone know of a converter that uses this codec and isn't too expensive?


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    PLEASE post in our mac section. Moving you.

    I would convert to mp4 with h264 video and aac audio for highest quality. It is supported by flash.
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  3. flash handles h264 since "flash plug-in 9" (and earlier betas)
    export to h264 (not "with high quality settings" but with your final settings).
    And add it to your web site, use some flv player to display it, like for example (there are a lot available on the net)

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