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    Hi everyone,

    I needed an app to make it easy to write srt files. And... I couldn't find one. (Perhaps I should have asked here first.)

    Anyhow, so I made this app myself because I needed it! I'm pretty proud of what I made. I'm giving it away for free, because... I dunno, I just like doing it that way. I'm also making it open source.

    Basically what this aims to solve is syncing up your subtitles with the video, all in one convenient app. So if you had subtitles with no time, because it was just a plain text file... this could help you split up that text and time the sentances to your video correctly.

    It also helps writing the subtitles in the first place too.

    It's basically what I would expect when I hear the words "subtitle creator".

    It's available for Mac and PC. I think the Mac version may be a bit more graphically polished (sorry). But apart from that they should be identical.

    Basically the reason I'm releasing this is because it helped me and I'd like to help the community too. If anyone has suggestions email them to (my real email address ). I don't expect this tool to be perfect for EVERYONE on their first try of it.

    I made SubX for my own personal use, because I had recorded a video of my own face talking, and... I realised I was kinda mumbling a bit and I needed some subtitles to make me understandable :P . I really enjoyed using SubX. Writing srt files manually was a total pain otherwise
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    Great first post! I don't do subtitles much but I will take a look at it when I have the time. Submit your tool HERE so that baldrick can look at it and decide if he wants to add it to videohelp's tool section.

    Oh and welcome to the forums! Stick around. I think you'll like it here.
    Donadagohvi (Cherokee for "Until we meet again")
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    I my personal opinion, to create a nice subtitle, I need 2 main things:

    1) Audio Bar ( to spot the timing with precision, just like we found in Sound Forge ). We extract the sound from the video material. We'll work using it to spot... but in a graphical way.

    We can "see" the sound and the points (the beginnings and the ends) from the speeches like this way :P

    2) Video Bar ( which works in conjuction and the same time with audio bar) - this video bar help us to see the scenes and put all the lines more properly on the screen.

    Of course there are a lot more features we may need. Specially for specific tasks, just like doing karaoke subtitles, for example. But the majority programs, even the professional ones, uses audio and video bar to create subtitles nowadays. It's makes the process easier, faster and highly precise.

    But, basically, having Audio Bar + Video Bar its the beginning to create a subtitle with nice precision and facility.

    If your program doesn't have audio bar yet, can you add it later, in conjunction with video bar?

    I'll test your program and put my words about it.

    Thanks for helping the community.

    Best regards.
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    hi hodog,

    Right now, SubX plays the video, with audio. So you cannot see the audio timeline. I think seeing the audio timeline is a very good idea!

    I did manage to do quite well without it however

    I'll submit the tool as suggested. Thanks for the warm reception. I only hope someone else will like SubX as much as I did.
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    Thanks freebird,

    I've submitted my tool.
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    I am also searching for a subtitle creator that shows the audio track waves!
    So, how did SubX develop?
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    ???? cant understand how your program works

    For creating subs by just simply pressing a button throughout the duration of each dialogue i recommend DivXLand Media Subtitler, search the tools section for programs with and without audio seeking.

    Advanced SubStation Alpha

    I love it when a plan comes together!
    Ricardo Santos
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    Thank you so much for making this! I was looking for something to make .srt-files for youtube videos. But ... the file seems to be corrupted.
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    I can't get it to load movies. *shrugs*
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