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    Hi, can anyone help me?
    I have player BD-P1580 from Samsung . Its a similar as a BD-P1590 sold in the USA (the same look). But doesn´t have support of Matroska (mkv) and You-tube (in official way on the Czech or German web).
    There is a link for the player:
    We have also model P1600 in the Czech Republic, but firmware from this device is not working. Has aproximattelly 81 MB and for P1580 has abou 41 MB.
    I just found here something in the discussion about region free at:
    I modified the file RUF (my code of RUF file is XEF for my country - Europe region 2) for BD-P1600 with hex Editor and write the name of my player BD-P1580. The player start verifying the file but after a few seconds says error in a file.
    i hope that someone could helf me with it?
    The players are nerly the same, both has the internet connection. I would like to play mkv and Youtube.
    Many thans for every answer. Jakub.
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    I bought a BD-P1580 from MediaMarkt in Germany for E95!
    However, after trying to use many of these ideas for region free playing, I discovered none of them work.

    The P1580 model is for Europe only. Thus you can not use firmware for the 1600 from Brazil or Singapore.

    I downloaded the latest firmware 2.04 via the ethernet.

    If you want to try yourself the various hacks (for the 1500 or 1600 models) here is what you do:

    To be able to read the software, you need to ensure you have:
    - The RUF file;
    - The RUF file has the model name on the filename (P1580);
    - The RUF file has the XEF in the filename (not XSS etc);
    - Inside the RUF file, you need to modify the file to have XEF instead of XSS.

    The player will read the file, but it will stop after a while with an error.
    This has to do with a checksum, which is used to confirm the file. As the file sizes are different (the XEF is about 31MB while the XSS is 60MB), the checksum will not be equal.

    The player uses the Broadcom chipset (7601) which uses the MIPS processor code. Using a MIPS disassembler you can reverse engineer the code, if you are into computer programming. The RUF is just a MIPS32 memory dump file.

    The fact that it is 31MB and not 60MB just means that they now use a much better compiler than before!

    So currently, there is no known hack for this player. Hopefully someone will figure it out. But at 95 Euros each, they are selling like hotcakes!
    I travel alot and like to use my PSP to watch movies. I take my 12" powerbook with me, but the PSP is so much easier.
    Take care,
    Peter Pan
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    i have bought the BD-P1580 and now i wonder how i can get this one region free
    On this forum i had read at other devices there is a number you must pussed, i have tried and tried but nothing would do it.

    the details of this device are

    s/w BEv2.04_090925A_XEF
    Loader LDv1.06_090917
    Region B/2 ( BD/DVD)

    Now i want him to make him region free.

    How can i do that ?
    Can i download stuff or must i pusshed numbers.

    i have tried the 57538 code, but dindn't do anaything.
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    BluRay players can very very rarely be made region free for DVD playback by entering a code. The odds are against you.

    A very small number of BluRay players can be made region free for BluRay and DVD playback, but this requires either firmware or hardware modification to be done after the player leaves the manufacturer. The current BluRay licensing agreement forbids manufacturers from making BluRay players that can be made region free even for DVD playback.

    Possible reasons that you cannot make your player region free include:
    1) the hack only works on models sold in a different part of the world (ie. Asia).
    2) the hack did work on your player in the past, but hardware changes during production have caused it to not work now.
    3) the person who wrote about the hack left out critical information and the instructions are wrong without it
    4) the instructions never worked and it's all a hoax (Hollywood has placed bad files on Bit Torrent, so I wouldn't say that they would not do this too).
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    now i have downloaded a movie from the internet, but when i want to play the dvd in the blu ray device, hey say that he cannot read them.

    Is there a oppertunity that i can burn a img or .vob files on the dvd, and change the region code of that file...
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    My BDP 1500 is a region A/3 (BD/DVD) and I have successfully made it dvd region free by using the following steps which I got from another forum:

    1) Turn on the player with no disc in the tray
    Wait till the unit is at the Samsung logo screen.
    2) Open then close the tray, wait to see the No-Disc Message in the top Left Corner
    3) Now press the REPEAT button on the remote, followed by a five digit code.
    In this case Repeat 76884

    Now it to me about 5 tries to get this to work, It needed to be done without delay.
    So if you don’t get it to work straight away don’t loose heart.

    4) When it works a 4 will appear in the top left corner

    5) Press 9 to make it regionless.
    6) Press Eject to OPEN to open the disc tray.
    7) Press Eject to CLOSE to close the disc tray.

    8) Power the unit off

    9) Now power the unit on again, it should now read all regions of DVD Disc.

    From other threads I got the follow list of region codes.

    R1 - 29334
    R2 - 57538
    R3 - 56732
    R4 - 76884
    R5 - 53814
    R6 - 24462

    My F/W is 090417.21_063008-1_XSS and system info shows the region as A/9 (BD/DVD).
    The F/W is v2.4.
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    Dear Blurayer!
    I recently bought a BD-P1600 in Dubai (region B). I live in Brazil to and followed the instructions to unlock the region code. I tried the remote control coding (REPEAT 57538) many times (more than 20) and sometimes it worked (I could show the code on the left corner, then I put number 9 - I tried putting other codes, like 1 for region A). But, unfortunatly, it seems it didn´t work for Blu-ray discs. I tried to play a Region A Blu-ray movie and it didn´t work. Otherwise, it seems working for DVD disc. I tried a region 4 DVD and it plays normally.

    So, I would like to know if someone could help me unlocking the player for Region A blue-ray disc.
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    i also want to buy a Samsung BD-P1600 Blu-ray Player w/BD Live,but i dont know which is better BD-P1600 or BD-P1580?
    but i got a lowest deal of BD-P1600 at today.
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    What part of:
    THE HACK WAS ONLY FOR DVD REGION-FREE PLAYBACK don't you people understand?
    Holy shit. Can't anybody READ?
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    I've read through the info about the Brazilian firmware load. Just wondering if anyone has tried the Mexican one. They use NTSC but region 4 for DVD and A for Blueray. The Spanish manual shows it offers Divx, but of course, no Netflix, which, not being in the US, i won't be using anyway. Just wondering if the region free (remote method) will work on that firmware?
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