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    I am new here, so I am sorry if I am missing something.

    We just bought a Dimax Grex to use with our Sony dvd recorder (RDR-GX360) and Directtv satellite box (Philips DSX5500). I hook it up according to the diagram to "copy protected tv channels to dvd w/Grex", but would only get a gray/white screen (I could hear the audio just fine. Just no picture). I left the cords hooked up according to the diagram, but I had to take an S-Video cord from "In" on the dvd recorder to the "out" on the satellite box in order to get a picture. I could not set up the Grex via the diagram using the S-Video on the Dimax website because our dvd recorder doesn't have an S-Video "out". After hooking it up and getting a short blinking red light on the Grex (and having audio and video), I still can't record movies or shows from Directtv. I am not sure if it's because I have the S-Video cord added, that is the only think NOT hooked up according to the diagram. My husband had been working with it for a few days so I am not sure if he changed the operational mode (we didn't fully understand what the different blinks and light colors meant until now. I know you can change the Operational mode by unplugging the Grex at just the right moment mid blink so I am wondering if we did this on accident. I can't get it to pop up on the screen indicating what Firmware/Operational Mode the Grex is set at. Maybe this is why we can't record). Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance. I know this is a lot of information. I am waiting for an e-mail back from Dimax, but you seemed to know a lot about it and thought I would check to see if you could help. Maybe we were missing a minor, but important step. Thanks again!
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    Did you resolve the problem with your Grex? If not, can you post a schematic of your hookup?

    BTW, did you purchase directly from Israel, or locally (from where)?
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    The original post is a year and a half old and the original poster has not been here since he posted this
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