Actually I'm from Scotland but when it comes to video editing I might as well be from Mars.
Been eyeing up a HD camcorder (like the rest of the planet) lately and like the majority of nooby people have been looking at the Sanyo FH1.
Did some research and found out that the format is not the most friendly to video editors. Got hold of some raw footage filmed in 1920x1080p 60fps to see if my system (p4 3.6gig DC, 2 gig ram, ATI 1950x 512mb, Asus P45) could handle it. Installed ffdshow as I'd deleted it a while ago (cant remember why) and also installed a trial version of coreavc.
VLC didn't want to know, WMPHC didn't either...strangely an ancient version of zoom player played the file perfectly? So my system can handle the files it seems.
Now to the nitty gritty...downloaded a trial version of vegas 9 pro, customised the project window to match the file settings, very jittery, tried a little trick I read about first setting the template to 'i' instead of 'p'...didn't work.
People have suggested creating an intermediate file type so I downloaded mp4camtoavi, created a source file..same problem. Have used super to convert the mp4 into a multitude of formats, fps and res, seems that vegas has a problem with the resolution? If I create a file in resolutions like 640x480 it plays fine in vegas but the quality just looks like a normal video...kind of defeats the purpose of HD video creation. The best method I have found suggested is to load the original mp4 into vegas and render out, did this to a 3mbps 640x480 30fps wmv file and it ran very smooth when imported back in. I do have a question and forgive my total noobness here but when people say 'intermediate' am I right in thinking that people can edit and create a movie in vegas using say an wmv file like I created (a clone if you will) and then when finished replace the files with the original mp4 HD files?? Vegas editing is non destructive as far as I know so this would make sense..if so how would you go about it? Just replace each file in each channel with the original? I could of course be totally off the mark!!
Thanks for any scraps anyone can throw this way...I'm just starting out and finding my feet (I haven't even bought a camera yet) but I like to research things first. I'm also not going to get one and dive straight into super crazy HD 60p fps filming and thats it, I was just doing a kind of benchmark at the highest quality to see if HD filming and editing was viable for me...seems it is if it is possible to 'substitute' the original mp4 files after editing.
On a side note I love the look of the 8mbps HD 1080 wmv files I rendered...they do look stunning