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    Ok... ive been burning avi files for years now.. and this just started happening this week.. and I dont know why. I use dvd santa to convert two avi files to a dvd then burn to a disc... Ive never had problems before.. and it seems that it is happening not just only when I have 2 avi files even when I have one avi file.. I am losing audio half way through the movie on the single avi file when burned on the dvd.. And it is defenitley happening right when it gets to party where I combine the 2 parts of the avi files on the dvd. Now I am playing these dvd's through my ps3 and to make sure it wasnt the ps3 I put an older video that was converted and burned using the same files and program into the ps3 and it worked fine. I even checked everything with video inspector... and everything is perfect. So then I erased the files on my cpu.. and put the disc in my lap top to see if it would play .. and it plays fine.... Any help here... id hate to have to watch all my videos on my cpu.. I really enjoy them on my plasma. Thanks for your help .. I will check back but you can email me at if you have a need a response to a question. Thanx
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    Are the source files ok?..
    Try something else like, DVDFlick, ConvertxtoDVD or AVStoDVD...I normally combine two AVIs with AVIDemux and then import the single AVI in the converting APP...I know most 1-clickers will do the combining, however that's my preferred method, especially since I may want to do some minor editing..
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    Welcome to the forums. Hard lessons for you.

    1) DVD Santa is NOT recommended. We have had a lot of posts in the past like yours with various problems when using it.
    2) Just because a program costs money, that doesn't mean it's any good. Sometimes free programs are better than pay ones.

    t0nee1's suggestions are all good and should give satisfactory results.
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