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    Having posted trouble in playing AVCHD movies from an SD Card on my Panasonic TV.

    I have solved part on the problem, by using the program on the MultiAVCHD web site.

    I put 3 MPEG2 files into the converter program you have to download (17mb), set to in my case PAL.... hit the start button and then the Viera button .... an SD VIDEO folder is produced inside the AVCHD folder. This I just copied the SD VIDEO folder on to my SD card and they play fine..........on my Panasonic TV

    The only trouble is that the files on the TV screen have no titles ...have yet to find out on the site how to acheive that point....

    But for those of you who would like to put a mpeg2 movie on a SD card from your computer to view it. you can at least transfer it onto a SD card and see it on your big Panasonic screen.

    I hope this is of help to some on you........
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    Thanks for this worked fine converting file from PC to SD CARD for Panasonic Vierra TV. Can't tell you how much time I've wasted trying to get it to work. Panasonic manual doesn't tell you how to convert and Panasonic support are no help.
    File must be MPEG2 format to start.
    When program is finished conversion you have to copy SD_VIDEO folder not SD VIDEO folder as you have specified above.
    If anyone else wants to convert a video file to SD card and is having problems they can contact me on
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    I have also converted files and put them on an SD card and they play fine on my Panasonic Tv as above. There is one probelm if you pause and then resume it goes back to the begining of the programme. Anyone come across this?
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