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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I would like to stream Live TV to my website but I really couldn't figure it out, how to do that. I have seen a few websites have streamed the live Tv more than 50 channels for example: Does anyone know how can I stream live tv to my website?

    Any help well be really appreciated.

    thanks in advance

    Best regards

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    If in doubt, Google it.
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    Could some one recomend a good card that could be used to do this?
    From the "How too" it said I needed a "Capture card with TV-in/Video-in"

    Any suggestions?
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    a cheap bt8xxx based card, can do the job. Also all those vivo VGA cards too.
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  5. Originally Posted by SatStorm View Post
    a cheap bt8xxx based card, can do the job. Also all those vivo VGA cards too.
    I have tried vivo VGA cards, but they are not good. Have not tried bt8xxx though.
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  6. Make sure your web site isn't available to the public. If it is, and one of the TV channels finds out, an army of lawyers will appear at your door.
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    Ok i am looking to add a tv tuner card that will work good with my dell 9200 any suggestions please let me know. also i guess this won't work but i purchased a Hauppauge wintv-HVR-850 usb HDTV adapter i can get it my desk top just can't capture it with vlc as well as adobe flash live media encoder 3.1. I haven't tried the Windows media encoder yet but i wan't to make sure that the Happauge tv tuner cards will even work for streaming over the net??? Or if i should re think the TV Tuner card before i go any further. If Happauge makes a Tv Tuner card that works well please let me know the modle i need if anyone klmpws that as well Thanks Danny

    I would love to get this going useing the Adobe Flash media encoder if i can but anything working is better than nothing i guess
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    You will exceed your server load very soon and then suspended...

    You need to look into Amazon S3 for live streaming etc.
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    Originally Posted by afghanistan-culture View Post
    Does anyone know how can I stream live tv to my website?
    Yes but show a credit reference and proof of copyright license. They should have told you this.
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