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    I've been reading a lot of reviews regarding the Canon VIXIA HF100 camcorder and 90+ percent of them sound great. Before I jump into it however, I want to be sure I'll be able to get my videos onto DVD's easily enough. The other 10% say either it is not easy or not possible.
    I have a Windows Vista machine with plenty of RAM and disk space but no intersting "software" except Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 8.0. I used this in the past to extract music so I could put the music to still camea shots. I'm hoping I can also use this to put music in the background in addition to existing sound for new videos. Example, an air show or something.

    My goal is to take videos with or without sound, possibly edit some of the video out and adding transition screens, then make DVD's and or to share on YouTube. To me this should be fairly standard I would expect but some reviews have caused me some concern. I plan to also buy the BP-819 Lithium Ion battery pack and the 16GB SDHC memory card with card reader.

    Therefore, other than that, I'm hoping someone with experice can tell me what else I need (software / hardware)? Some mentioned some free conversion software programs etc. but I'm not sure what they would be converting. Possibly the file type so it can be copied on DVD's etc. This will be my first camcorder so I apologize for beginner questions. Thanks for any replys.
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  2. welcome to the forum!

    canon makes fine cams. that one records in avchd mp4 compressed format. it's not always easy to edit or re-encode. you will need to gather the tools and have a fairly recent fast computer to work with it. you will need to re-encode from mp4 to dvd spec mpeg-2 video, and audio and then author to get to dvd. easy would be to use the payware all-in-one convertxtodvd to make dvds.

    as for editors sony vegas pro or adobe premiere pro are a couple of the best. if you don't want to spend as much maybe powerdirector ultra would work for you. you want to go through the tools section here - there are free ones that may work for you. avidemux, hdconverttox, are a couple to check out.

    good luck and enjoy.
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    That particular model is AVCHD format. The computer profile you posted is inadequate, in terms of RAM, Vista or not. That camcorder will make pretty video, but when it comes to editing and encoding for DVD, you're gonna need a very powerful computer and up-to-date software that can handle this wonderful-playback-but-nightmare-editing format.

    Don't rule out the HDV format. Not as sexy, but far easier to deal with.
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    Regarding filmboss80, I realized I put the wrong info on my profile - which I have since updated. Here are the details. Processor says: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5250 @ 1.50 GHz
    Memory is 2.00GB. Does this make a difference?
    Regardless, I guess I'll get what I need. My concern with HDV is the tapes with motor sound and further conversion. Again, I'm only going with what I've read. Thanks
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    Yes, the motor sound can be a pain.

    But "further conversion"!? Whatever you shoot (in HD) will need converting for SD DVD. However, HDV can go straight onto BluRay without conversion (just disc authoring - no re-encoding of the video). So can some flavours of AVCHD.

    That said, most people would choose to edit, process etc and convert / re-encode, whatever the original shooting format.

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