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    Hi fellas,
    Recently our neighbor asked me to transfer the tapes which he recorded onto Sony DCR TRV 285E Digital8 handycam.The handycam comes with a USB cable which we used to transfer few minutes of footage to the PC.The software used was Sony picture package (the one which came along in the CD).The video records fine but with a dismal resolution of 320*240.So I then tried with Pinnacle's video studio.With it I was able to capture at a resolution of 720*480 but the video looks as if its been up rezzed.Then I searched around on the net whats the proper way of transferring and came across the firewire method.

    Now we need to buy a firewire card as well as firewire cable.But before doing that I would like to check for myself is there a marginal difference between video captured via firewire and that via USB.I scoured the net for dv samples but couldnt find any.So my humble request to you guys with SD DV cams.Can somebody please upload a small 10sec file to hosting sites and provide a link here.I would be deeply grateful.

    Thanks for the help.
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    There is a very visible difference for two reasons.

    1. You will capture at the native resolution of the camera.

    2. It is in effect a data transfer exercise, so you are not re-encoding the video as you would over USB, so you don't have to suffer the extra generation loss.

    Firewire is the way to go.

    Use WinDV for capture - small, free, good.
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  3. Video via USB is like watching it on a cell phone
    Video via FireWire is like DVD

    You might as well smear Vaseline on the lens!!!!
    John Miller
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    Thanks guys .... I have ordered firewire from the local dealer.lets see when it arrives.

    EDIT: Got the card today.... plugged it and voila.Indeed the quality is far better than USB method. Thanks fellas for the help.
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