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  1. [RESOLVED] 02/22/2009 Sun 12:10AM

    FIXED: .264 / mp4 playback, using method: ffmpeg -i video.264 -vcodec copy -y video.mp4
    FIXED: MPEG-2 playback, using method: \options\preference\[reset all] button

    ** see below in later posts for complete solutions **

    . . .

    Ok. Another item I give up on.

    I just D/L'ed kmplayer, but for the life of me, it just wont play any of my mpegs, (commercial vobs or home-brew encodes) nor any .mp4 or .264 I encoded with x264 cli tool, which just doesn't make any sense.

    The only things it will play is mkv and my captured dv .avi files. I've never heard of this kind of thing happening, straight out of the box, like vlc: when I first installed it, it played everything.

    When I installed it, I let it set to the recommend defaults because I didn't not know for sure what I should change or not.

    I D/L'ed a mkv file (has h264 wrapped inside matroska container) it played perfectly, right out of the box..kmplayer that is. And, the encode btw, was wonderful. The origin of the video was from doom9, in a thread I was reading and thought I was D/L'ing a 21mb file, when in fact, it turned out to be a 121mb file

    The specs to that was:

    * video: "BigBuckBunny.mkv" -- 1920x1080, 24p, 1711kbits bitrate, 9m:56s length, 121mb size
    * origin: doom9 thread: "d9-144918" -- just search for the 144918 to find the thread where I snipped it from.

    Thanks for any help on this issue, in advance.

    -vhelp 5042

    VHELP's - Sample Clips [last: 12.29.06],
    my YouTube videos
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  2. KMPlayer should have no trouble playing MPG, VOB, MP4, etc. Go to Options -> Preferences -> Filter Control and check the Source Filters, Splitters, and Internal Video (and audio) Decoders. For each of the different file types try different combinations of filters. The defaults should have worked fine for most file. What happens when a file doesn't play? Any error messages?

    When a video is playing you can right click on the video and select Filters to see all the filters in use.
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  3. [UPDATE] -- can now play h264 (raw .264 videos) via a transcode to mp4 container format.

    Ok. So here's the deal. Kmplayer does not decode video that was encoded to a raw .264 format. When I transmuxed it (via mp4muxer) to an mp4, it played fine. Then, to help save time, I found I could include a short param script inside ffmpeg, and transmux it to an mp4 and it played it succesfully, also.

    For those (in the same boat) who want a quick fix (if nothing else works) try this transmux:
    (its actually pretty quick, depending on which ffmpeg version you are using)

    1. ffmpeg -i video.264 -vcodec copy -y video.mp4
    2. ffmpeg -i video.264 -vcodec copy -acodec copy -y video.mp4
    3. ffmpeg -i video.264 -vcodec copy -acodec pcm_s16le -r 29.970 -y video.mp4
    4. ffmpeg -i video.264 -vcodec copy -acodec pcm_s16le -r 23.976 -y video.mp4

    Lines 2 through 4 are for if you have audio, and also different framerates. If line 2 does not work, try lines 3, or 4, just in case. If you know your audio codec, then just replace with your known codec type, ie mp3, ac3, aac, etc., I guess. Some params may not have to be included. The above is just a general layout to get started in transmuxing*

    * note, this can sometimes actually help some videos that were encoded via virtualdub's vfw x264. So, you might want to give it a try, also..may or may not work or play properly, but some timelines will accept the (vfw->mp4 .. aka, transmux) video if anything, to re-encode, etc. May or may not work, YMMV.

    Now, as far as MPEG-2 video goes..thats another story..

    Well, unfortunately, no matter how I encode to mpeg2, kmplayer just will not play it. Sometimes, it will display the first frame, but that is all. So, I'm at a loss as to what is going on with kmplayer. Perhaps someone might know why ?

    -vhelp 5043

    VHELP's - Sample Clips [last: 12.29.06],
    my YouTube videos
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  4. [RESOLVED] 02/22/2009 Sun 12:10AM

    [UPDATE] -- can now play mpeg-2 videos.

    The mpeg-2 videos now play successfully. Apparently, you have to activate the RESET ALL and things seem to fix themselves. Now the mpegs play. So, I guess whatever else may have not been able to play will now play anyway

    So, my guess to with the possibility that kmplayer (at least the version I D/L'ed) was defaulted to optimumly play .kmv videos, since that was the only videos able to play since the get-go.

    -vhelp 5044

    VHELP's - Sample Clips [last: 12.29.06],
    my YouTube videos
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