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    I bought an External USB 2.0 Slim DVD CD R/RW Drives Burner Writer to view DVDs on my Asus 904HA Eee PC netbook, but get an an error message that my "imput can't be opened: VLC is unable to open the MRL 'dvd'://E:\" That the DVD isn't formatted. Is this device supposed to allow me to watch DVDs on my netbook? After the fact (purchase), I notice that it is a "burner writer!" If this is not the right device to view DVDs, it is only my fault for not doing my "homework," but if it's in need of a plug-in or driver, I would really appreciate knowing what it is, and how to get it. Any help would certainly be appreciated, thanks!
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    If the system can see the external and read other data disc's, then it's possible you need to check for updated firmware for the burner.

    1: Make and model of external device purchased.
    2: In control panel > system, there is a hardware feature which lists devices.

    A: Find this hardware feature
    B: Head down list to dvd/cdrom devices and click the + to expand list.
    C: Right click on the drive and select properties.

    Information about the specific drive used by the external housing is found here.

    Again > Make / model / current firmware version used.

    Should external have issues with all disc's, then possible external device component is defective, ie, poor quality usb cable.

    Error appears to be firmware fault.

    If unable to sort fault, return for replacement or refund ... best option is a "standard" external unit rather than a slim unit ... there cheaper and easier to get a replacement drive to swap into external enclosure's.
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