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    I am currently the video guy at church but am having major difficulty. I would like to film at church and not spend hours trying to edit it at home. Is there software that allows me to capture multiple video cameras to my computer (Mac Book Pro) and do the editing from it. Please Help ! Any help on site videography would be great. If I film at church I spend 6 hours editing at home. I currently have 2 sony HD DV camcorders

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    When you say "capture multiple cameras to computer and do the editing from it", are you talking about live switching from one camera to another while recording, or are you just trying to cut out the capsfer time to get both on the computer, but still do post editing? And what kind of budget do you have to work with?
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    Get a video switcher and do it in real time.
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  4. We have a free 4-channel live DV switcher that will capture to disk. It is for Windows but with Bootcamp you'd be able to achieve it for the cost of a Windows license. You can capture as raw .DV files which are Mac friendly. This option is only for DV.
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    Here's a better website for Wirecast
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