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    I have about 30 songs that I want to play on my car's cd player. The songs are currently in mp3 format on my computer. I want to know a software that I can use to convert these songs to play in my car's cd player (it does not play mp3's). Also, what is a good cd burning software.
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  2. cd architect is the gold standard. it will also burn the converted mp3s to cd.
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  3. The files have to be converted to .wav files to play on a non-playing mp3 cd player.

    CDex will convert (free). Then any cd burning software that came with your burner (Nero Express, etc.) will burn to disc. You probably won't fit all your songs on 1 cd, wav files are much larger than mp3, usually 17 or so will fit if not too long of song.
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    Delightful wife uses Nero Express.
    Create Audio CD.
    Just drags & drops MP3 files onto the burning window, until the disk is full.
    Nero has enough smarts to calculate the space required and do the conversion before the burn.
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    Ashampoo burning or music studio are great tools for doing just that.
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