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    I have converted a number of short videos from various sources. The videos were at different frame rates and they were inside a varity of containers (ogv, rm, avi, mpeg etc). The purpose will be to create stock footage to use in a future dvd project. I have notice that the frame rates were all a little different as well. The converson was to mpg ntsc at 29.97. They appear to be a litle choppy and I would like to smooth them out so to speak. I have virtualdub and a good editor. Does anyone have a virtudub filter recommendation or any other suggestion? The videos will be used as background so the quailty is not critical.
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    It is very difficult to do in software because you either have to blend, shed or create frames, depending on the source and target framerates, and the results pretty much always have some side effects. The only change that won't is a true framerate chane, which means speeding up or slowing down the footage to the new framerate.
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