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    Wanting to record tv shows etc to watch at a later date...using the computer...then re-record once shows are watched. BUT can only find 8.5 gb's that are writeable and not RW...are there 8.5-rw's, and also are there dvd's that hold more than 8.5 gb which are also rw?
    (ps we live on BC in a small city)
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    Nope, no 8.5GB RWs yet. If you want bigger media you must switch to for example blu-ray disc.
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    Get another HDD. No reason to burn to disc temporarily when HDD's are so cheap. Even using an external USB drive would be faster and cheaper in the long run.
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    The reality is that there will probably never be DVD+/-RW DL discs. Both DVD+RW DL and DVD-RW DL discs were announced a few years ago and one of the formats actually had support in a few burners for the discs. A handful of discs were sent out to reviewers but none were ever available for sale. The reality is that while the concept sounded great in the lab, the discs were incredibly difficult to produce and nobody wanted to bring them to market because the cost was prohibitive. Add to this that both formats probably wouldn't burn on the vast majority of existing burners and you had a format that had no economic incentive to reach the market. Nobody believed that enough consumers would willingly buy new burners just to use these discs to make the formats viable. All the manufacturers have stopped talking about both formats and probably wish they had never announced them in the first place.

    If you want re-writable DVDs, you have no choice but to use single layer discs and it's not likely to ever change. Of course there was a time when the industry insisted that it was "impossible" to produce consumer burnable DVD+/-R DL discs too, but those eventually came out, so I guess there might be some faint hope that maybe some breakthrough might come in re-writable DL technology that improves on what worked in the labs, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it.
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    Solid-state and hard drives are the market-preferred method anyway.
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