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    Please advice me what should i do. My DVDR does not start. It only shows up on the dispay message "Starting.." and the light Hdd Active is on (this even when my hdd is removed) and only a white screen with the logo Philips shows on my tv.
    I whant to mention that i connected the HDD to my pc and formated it.
    Now what i want to ask is if i need some driver for my DVDR3595H copied on the hdd ? or what should i do next ?
    Thank you all.
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    Hi All,

    I have the same problem.
    MArekk did you already solved the problem? If so how?

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    No i didn't solved my problem. I still looking for some help.. In this forum like i can see no one is willing to help
    If you solve sooner than me, please contact me
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    i have this problem also,hope i can get it fixed,please let me know if any of you lads fix it...
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    i didn't fix it yet
    still need help
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    Well, it's not that nobody wants to help, it's that probably nobody knows the answer to your problem. I live in the USA and here in North America, almost all of the companies have stopped making DVD recorders for us. I don't know if that model was ever sold here. The only Philips DVD recorders that I know of that were sold here were earlier models than what you have. So what I want to say is that probably nobody in North America knows the answer to your question and that removes a lot of potential help.

    You might try to ask here:
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    I Hope this info is of use to you all. I know it works with the Irish/UK model DVDR3595H/05 probably for other models too.


    Self Test
    Press and hold the REC and Play (>|) keys*on the front panel of the set*while powering on the mains. Release buttons when Philips logo screen displays*on TV- *"NUC 100" will be displayed on local LED display Then "NUC503 " for a few minutes, followed by several NUC numbers in quick succession and finally "PASS".

    To Format HDD

    1) Unplug the set from the mains.
    2) Press and hold the BACK (|<<)and STOP keys*simultaneously on the front panel of the set*while powering on the mains.*- Release keys when machine starts*
    3) "FMT KEY" will be displayed on local display, followed by FMT HDD and FMT DONE

    DVD Region hack

    1. Turn on the player from the front panel (without a disc inserted)
    2. Press HDD List on remote and ensure Hard Disk is highlighted
    3. Press PLAY
    4. Enter 159 121 212 005 255
    5. Press PLAY
    6. Turn the player off

    Firmware Update
    You can resolve other problems by upgrading the set with the latest software (V3.06) now available on the Philips support website.
    Proceed with the following steps to upgrade the set:
    1) Download the required zipped file from the website

    2) Unzip and burn content of the zipped file to the root i.e. x:\ of a CD-R/CD-RW disc (Note: There should not be any folders on the disc).

    3) Unplug the set from the mains.
    4) Press and hold the REC and NEXT (>>|) keys*on the front panel of the set*while powering on the mains.*- *"Download" will be displayed on local display.

    5) After sometime, the tray will be ejected.*- Insert disk and close tray

    6) Place the download disc on the tray and push in the tray.*- The downloading process will begin. It should take around 7mins.

    7) After the download is completed, tray will be automatically ejected. Remove the disc and push in the tray, wait till you see "DONE" on the local display (LD). Set may restart several times during this process.

    8) The set will be able to wake up and proceed to the first installation screen.

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    Thanks Cork, got my hdd back in the game
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    Thank you Cork ,
    I just joined this forum to thank you .

    I had a dvdr3595h , that i think i had reflashed firmware but kept " starting " !!!

    I did 1 selftest and 2 format HDD , as above , and now works OK !
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    It was actually a philips dvdr3595H / 58 , as sold in Greece . Thanks , again !
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  12. Thanks, Cork! I had formatted the hard disk in PC (as advised in this post), but it didn't work until I did your [BACK]+[STOP] method.

    [REC]+[NEXT] method for upgrading didn't work (that combination was ignored by the recorder and it just started up as it normally would), but then I just inserted the firmware disk when it was turned on normally, got some question asked and when I chose the first answer, it rebooted and displayed "DOWNLOAD" and then "UPGRADE" and then "DONE". So, I suppose, it succeeded, even if it took only 1 minute or less, not 7 minutes...

    However, I have a problem nonetheless: it seems that all menu text (and in most cases also info text like version info or pop-up question box text) has disappeared, I just get empty boxes (that's why I didn't know what was the question after I inserted the firmware upgrade disk and what were the answers). I somehow got to changing the language - the list is displayed all right. Tried several languages, but the menu is still blank. Does anybody have any idea how to fix this?

    Thank you!
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    Is your recorder a DVDR3455H?

    The instructions only relate to a DVDR3595h/05 and may be quite different for other models.

    Firmware update procedure is, as in latest version of owners manual, direct from Philips website

    Are you 100% sure you have the correct firmware?
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    FYI ...

    PHILIPS DVDR3575H DVDR3577H DVDR3595H DVDR3597H Service Manual:

    DVDR3575H / DVDR3577H DVDR3595H / DVDR3597H User Manual:
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    Latest Update. 500GB HDD Upgrade

    OK Folks, it's been a long time since I've been on here, DVDR3595H has been running flawlessly since last firmware update. I changed TV and decided to use the HDMI output. The upscaling really does work!

    Now that I was using HDMI and HD TV is now fairly common I decided to change recording mode to HQ. Obviously this was going to use much more disk space. I had recently replaced the 500GB disk in an external HDD with a 1TB and decided to try and fit the 500GB drive in the DVDR.

    Procedure: First of all my new HDD was SATA, as most are nowadays. The original fitted to the DVDR was IDE - therefore I needed an IDE to SATA Converter board , about €3.00 on ebay.

    1) Remove all partitions on new HDD - I used a USB to SATA adapter with external power supply to connect to my PC.
    In Win7 , Open Control Panel --> Administrative tools --> Computer Management --> Storage --> Disk Management (local) . This will display all the disks and partitions connected to the PC. Click on the partitions on the drive you want to clear and delete any partitions one by one.

    2) Unplug DVDR and fit new HDD and IDE to SATA Converter board if required. Space is tight but sufficient.

    3) Download firmware from Philips website and burn to a blank CD , you cannot update firmware using USB drive in this instance.

    4) Perform forced firmware update using the following procedure

    a. Hold the <Record> + <Next> buttons down and Power up the set.
    b. The tray opens and set will display DOWNLOAD ->……….PUT DISC
    c. Insert the prepared Firmware CD and close the tray.
    d. The set will display: INIT DSC -> ………. DOWNLOAD ->.……….
    Note: Do not press any buttons or interrupt the mains supply during the upgrading process, otherwise damage may occur.
    e. When the upgrade is completed the tray will open automatically and the set will display: REMOVE
    f. Close the tray and the set will display: DONE
    g. Firmware is now successfully installed.

    5) Press STANDBY and then unplug DVDR

    6)To prepare the new HDD for use, it must be formatted. Follow the procedure below to format HDD.

    a) Press and Hold the <Previous> + <Stop> key combination while powering on the mains.
    b) The set will start to display “FMT KEY”, and then it will show “FMT HDD” while formatting HDD.
    c) If the formatting is completed successfully, the set will display “FMT DONE”. If the formatting fails, it will show “FMT FAIL”.
    Notes: Do not power off the set immediately when the “FMT DONE” is seen. Wait until the time or - - : - - is
    displayed before powering off the set.

    7) Turn off and restart DVDR. It will now have recognised the new HDD

    I don't know how to recover previous recordings on my old 250GB and would welcome any advice if anyone knows how.
    Last edited by Cork Ireland; 30th Nov 2013 at 21:13.
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  16. Hello everybody,

    I just joined this forum and want to thank you Cork for all those explanations !

    Anyway, I have a ''little'' trouble with my DVDR3595H :
    - each time I switch it on, it works ok during 45mn/1h, and suddenly switch off ...

    What do you expect ? Pb with power supply ? (capacitors, ...). I have the latest firmware (03.06).

    Thanks for your help

    Another question :
    - as you changed your DD250Go with a DD500Go, do you think possible to change the DVD-R with a B-Ray one ?
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    1) I suspect overheating of chip. Solution is to place passive heat sink to it.
    2) Blue-Ray is totally different wavelenght/size/firmware and will not work. It is like replacing gasoline with diesel.
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