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    Hello guys I do have few MPG files that I recorded by progDVD, these files are on MPG format, however they are not regular as the MPGs founded on the internet. I can play them only with MEdia Player Classic and must have the k-lite Codec. Could you guys help me convert these MPG files into a regular MPG and with the same quality of the original ones. I have used several programs but they don't give me the same resolution as the original ones.

    here is some of the videos I have recorded and can only play with codecs suck k-lite
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  2. It's probably because the channel you recorded from uses non DVD standard video frame size and/or GOP structure. However, there are authoring programs like DVD-Lab Pro, and DVD Studio Pro on Mac which accept the stream without re-encoding.

    TDA and Muxman don't accept non standard frame size without patching. You can use freeware DVDPatcher to change mpeg header without re-encoding.

    Ulead, Nero, and Adobe perhaps reject the stream or they will re-encode it.

    The best way would be first to demux the stream to correct video header (too high bitrate), and check for potential errors if you don't have capture log file. Highly recommended is ProjectX, and VideoReDo which is even better but not free. It includes simple authoring engine as well.

    BTW: much better / stable DVB capturing program than ProgDVB is DVB Viewer, imo.
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    Hello dude and thanks for this. Ok I'll give you one of these videos I have recorded and you try to do it yourself and then tell me what happened

    download these two videos from here

    by the way I could convert these videos to avi, but I feel that they are not as good as the MPG. Here is the same video converted to avi
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  4. Below is a part of ProjectX log file - take a look at text marked in bold . The GOP header is incorrect hence some authoring programs may reject the file. Seems that the stream is broadcast such way, and it's not fault of the signal reception but I'm not 100% sure.

    I don't how it may play on a standalone equipment when authored as it is without a correction.

    (... cut ...)
    !> GOP# 122, PES_header and extension found in ES, filled with zero... (GOP offs. 158861)

    ++> Mpg Video: PID 0x0000 / PesID 0xE0 / SubID 0x00 :
    -> Video: fr-ct-1p-cg-og-dg -> 1474-1-123-123-0-0
    -> Video length: 1474 frames @ 00:00:58.960
    -> GOP summary: min. 20, max. 24 fields; contains interlaced frames
    -> avg. nom. bitrate 2692365bps (min/max: 1642000/4224000)
    -> set first sequenceheader bitrate to 2692000bps
    ---> new File: ROTANA~1.m2v

    ++> Mpg Audio: PID 0x0000 / PesID 0xC0 / SubID 0x00 :
    -> check CRC of AC-3 / MPEG-Audio L1,2
    -> remove CRC in MPEG-Audio L1,2
    -> add frames
    -> Audio PTS: first packet 07:51:32.550, last packet 07:52:31.782
    -> Video PTS: start 1.GOP 07:51:32.488, end last GOP 07:52:31.448
    -> adjusting audio at video-timeline
    !> missing syncword @ 1, @ 00:00:00.000
    !> found syncword @ 28
    !> 3 frame(s) (72ms) pre-inserted @ 00:00:00.000
    -> src_audio: MPEG-1, Layer2, 48000Hz, mono, 128kbps, CRC @ 00:00:00.072
    audio frames: wri-pre-skip-ins-add 2457-3-0-0-0 @ 00:00:58.968 done...
    ---> new File: 'ROTANA~1.mp2'

    summary of created media files:
    .Video (m2v): 1474 Frames 00:00:58.960 'ROTANA~1.m2v'
    Audio 00 (mp2): 2457 Frames 00:00:58.968 3-0-0-0 'ROTANA~1.mp2'
    => 20 786 224 bytes written...
    -> we have 127 warnings/errors.
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    so what to do now, dude?
    no freaking idea?!!!
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  6. Read above: if you don't like to have any modification of the stream you need to use DVD-Lab Pro, VideoReDo, and perhaps GUI for dvdauthor (free).

    The examples you linked have standard PAL DVD frame size hence they don't cause any problem. Some authoring applications do not accept non standard, like 544x576 and 480x576 which are used by many DVB-S broadcasts.

    PS. please don't call me "dude".
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    noemi7, I have downloaded and installed DVD-Lab Pro, but I really didn't know how to use it. would you please give some instructions for using this program to convert the mpg videos I have. I'm so sorry if I didn't understand you very well, i'm not an English-Speaking.
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    If you have ProjectX then either demux into audio and video streams and then remux them to mpeg or use PX to convert the file to TS option.

    A more user friendly program is MPEGStreamclip and is free can be downloaded for MAC or PC at and use it to convert to mpeg2 - you may get an error message saying it's not standard but click the "convert anyway" button
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    First, you shouldn't use ProgDVB, the application is very bad and can corrupt your recordings, try another alternative such as DVBDream, RitzDVB or purchase MyTheatre.

    You have two options to make these files complaint to the mpeg2 standard:

    1. Re-encoding to MPEG2 using screen size of 352 X 480 or 704 X 480

    2. Patch the file using DVDPatcher, and prepare the file for DVD-R or DVD+R burning using an Authoring applications such as TMPGEnc DVD Author.

    Good luck
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