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  1. I have a 5 year old Sony Grand Wega 60" LCD 1080p. What would be the recommended hook-up, since it's 1080p? DVI? or would the composite inputs be about the same?

    Chris from Chicago
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    That thing HAS a DVI connection? If so, an HDMI->DVI cable would be worth trying out, though you'd have to feed audio separately.

    "Composite" = no way. I think you meant to say "component". Component = 3 cables for video (red, green, blue). Composite = 1 cable for video (yellow).

    You may be hard pressed to see much difference between component and DVI, once you adjust for black levels.
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  3. Thanks, I've been out of the hdtv hardware loop since I got the Sony 5 years ago, you know, set it and forget it..... Gotta get back in the game. And yes, I did mean component

    Thanks again, gonna go & hook it up now.

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    My understanding is that (we) people with component HD video inputs on our TVs are out of luck when it comes to getting 1080i input from BluRay via component video. If it is copyrighted material (commercial) BluRay DVD it will be DRM'd. All the players I know about will down scale and probably yield 480 resolution. The HDMI output from the player to the TV is encrypted and needs the corresponding decryption hardware on the TV end by the HDMI input.

    BTW, the various MPAA, RIAA, and movie companies are trying to convince the cable suppliers to do the same and kill HD playback from cable boxes via Component video. Currently I can get 1080i HD from my cable source using component inputs. They are attempting to "close the analog hole". I'm not about to invest several $1K to get a TV with HDMI inputs (I currently have a 50" 16:9 Toshiba) so I can hook up a BluRay player. Basically they are out to "screw" all the people who purchased sets before HDMI, but are HD capable.

    This is even true if you try to use a DVD player that upscales std DVDs. I was interested in getting a Toshiba HD DVD player to use to upscale DVDs when Toshiba lost out to BluRay (price was really attractive). It was confirmed by Toshiba that the player would not upscale on the component video outputs.

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    I also have my NEC that came with DVI so you have 3 choices and one of them its not HD , you can always run image from HDMI - DVI and use a RCA for sound , but you only get 2.1 in case you are running truth a A/V receiver that supports HDMI i would advise HDMI to receiver and HDMI - DVI to TV and sound in optical cable truth A/V receiver , But the most important is don't forget to assign whats going out in your Player in case that's a PS3 .
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    Are you sure your 5-year old TV is 1080p?

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    I was thinking the same thing as rhegedus ... no 1080p HDTV is 5 years old. I have a 1080i HDTV I bought approximately 2 1/2 years ago and as I recall 1080p was barely on the radar then as 1.) I hadn't even heard of 1080p and 2.) The first generation of 1080p was out around that time although most (all?) really couldn't do 1080p proper ... which again is probably why I hadn't heard of it.

    My guess is that your Sony is 1080i which is NOT bad (I have Blu-Ray on my 51" 16x9 1080i HDTV and it looks killer).

    Would help if you gave the exact model number of your Sony and could tell us exactly what type of connections are available. Assuming though that you only have DVI and component and no HDMI ... I would use a HDMI to DVI connection. I've seen cables with HDMI on one end and DVI on the other or you can buy a regular HDMI cable as they do make HDMI to DVI connectors for the HDMI end of the cable that will be connecting to the DVI input on the HDTV.

    I have a Sony PS3 which is connected to my HDTV via HDMI ... I then have the standard RCA stereo connectors (the red/white things) connected from the PS3 to my stereo receiver (no surround sound for me) and I've never had issues with that connection.

    I just watched V FOR VENDETTA last night ... I picked it up at BORDERS as it was on sale for $19.99 although I think today (June 21, 2008) is the last day for that sale.

    Oddly enough it was the first Blu-Ray I watched that didn't like totally blow me away picture quality wise but I think that is less a comment on the quality of this Blu-Ray than it is a comment on the fact that I've been watching more and more Blu-Ray discs recently and I dare say I am getting "used to" the excellent quality of the format that it is no longer "blowing me away" like it did at first.

    - John "FulciLives" Coleman
    "The eyes are the first thing that you have to destroy ... because they have seen too many bad things" - Lucio Fulci
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    John, pop in a regular DVD sometime... while you may have lost the wow factor from Blu-Ray, the "omg this sucks" factor will be ever more present with regular DVD. (70" XBR2 here and I can see the difference)

    Audio-wise, other than the fact that better studio equipment and more care is used to create the audio these days, there isn't much difference in the audio specs that will blow you away, so to speak.
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    Re: Sony Grand WEGA KDF60XBR950 (bought in 2004 I think)

    I have been on the phone with Sony about the same issue. They tell me I need an HDMI to 3.3V TMDS cable. Can't find any such animal on the internet. I had a standard HDMI to DVI cable and the male pin pattern on the input end didn't match the pattern on the TV. Tried it (before I noticed it didn't match) and while the pins fit there weren't as many on the input as there were female inputs on the TV. I got no picture at all. Have it set up with RGB now and it works but why have BluRay player if I can't enjoy the quality?

    Does this cable or a converter exist or did Sony just send me on wild goose chase?


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