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    1. Use Gspot to open your avi divx/xvid files that wont work on your DivX DVD Player
    2. Then compare the video settings against this list below
    3. If it's something on the list you probably must reconvert the avi divx/xvid using for example avi recomp or autogk.

    Any of the following Divx encoding options might cause DVD players to have problems.
    1) Use of QPel (Quarter Pixel).
    2) Use of GMC (Global Motion Compensation).
    3) Resolutions greater than 720x576.
    4) Files larger than 2 GB in size.
    5) Video bit rates higher than 2000 Kbps.
    6) If you use AC3, LPCM or DTS audio, the video bit rate may have to be a lot lower than 2000, perhaps as low as 1200 for successful playback.
    7) Packed bit stream (MPEG4Modifier can remove this).

    All of these problems except #7 require re-encoding the video to remove them. My best guess is that your resolution is greater than 720x576. Almost no DVD players support HD Divx. Region codes are not the cause of your problem.

    /Thanks to jman98 for this list.
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    I'd like to add that apparently the ps3 does handle high def divx. I had converted a short music video from my high def dvr to 1920x1080 divx. I had sync problems but the video played just fine.

    Also I've read online that high def wmv plays back on the xbox 360 just fine. I have not tested it personally though.

    So if you have a ps3 or xbox 360 those would be your best bet for high def divx/wmv playback.

    Now there are special dvd players that I think can handle high def divx. I believe those might be the kiss networked players. And of course you could look into those media players that are beefed up harddrive enclosures.
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    So, to your knowlegde, there are some DVD standalone players that can do HD divx or wmw playback. This would be great! Which are them?
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    Originally Posted by yoda313
    I'd like to add that apparently the ps3 does handle high def divx. I had converted a short music video from my high def dvr to 1920x1080 divx. I had sync problems but the video played just fine.

    Also I've read online that high def wmv plays back on the xbox 360 just fine. I have not tested it personally though.
    I've played back 1080p WMV on my PS3 ... I didn't create this WMV myself so I don't know HOW it was created BUT it was created to be compatible with the XBOX 360 so it was nice to see that it also worked on the PS3.

    In my situation I had no audio ... turns out the PS3 has limited support for WMA and I had to demux the WMV and re-encode the audio to a "lower profile" WMA and then remux. Just mentioning this in case it happens to someone else.

    The file in question was over 7GB but less than 8GB and it worked fine streaming it to my PS3.

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    Baldrick, fabpozzi

    any DIVX logo DID player that is currently certified MUST reproduce DIVX playback up to 720P resolution to pass certification. I read this only days ago on the DIVX web site.

    Not all MPEG4 platers will support DIVX , the two are very different.

    The issue with some of the formats mentioned
    QPEL should noit be an issue with DIV logo devices

    AC3 is not available on all units

    GMC problems abound and they are more severe when playing back from a CD or DVD, than via USB. I think the data rate increases in high motion scene and many DVD players can not read my CD-Rs fast enough

    I bought a Curtis DVD1093 just 2 days ago, and I have played back files with resolutions up to 960x540 . I am currently downloading a true 720P format video to see how that goes.

    I am also looking for anyone who may yet have found a solution for connecting a DVD players USB port to a Network. Since no DVD player seems to support a USB to ethernet adapter, it seems only a matter of time before someone makes a smart USB to ethernet that emulates a disk to the DVD, but access a network share in place of a local disk. This is almost like the Eye Fi does for a digital camera on an SD card, but here I want to read , not write files.
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  6. Originally Posted by markosjal
    any DIVX logo DID player that is currently certified MUST reproduce DIVX playback up to 720P resolution to pass certification. I read this only days ago on the DIVX web site.
    No, there are several different levels of Divx certification:

    Only the Divx HD certifactions specify support for HD material.
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    I do not think those are all "current" certifications.

    I looked for the page, but I do not find it today. As I recall it related specifically to DVD players.
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    Standard Divx certification (including Divx Ultra) that does not include HD supports only up to 480/576p, with all the usual caveats regarding GMC, warp points, file sizes etc. Non-Divx certified mpeg-4 ASP players may support other features (or less features) than Divx certified players.
    Read my blog here.
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    markosjal's posts are why I wish we would just lock sticky threads.

    Look markosjal, I know you are trying to be helpful, but you are NOT being helpful here. guns1inger is quite right. Standard Divx certification does NOT include HD support.

    MPEG-4 support is an industry code word that means Divx support. Some manufacturers that don't want to pay for Divx certification use "MPEG-4" instead to mean Divx support because you don't have to pay to say you support "MPEG-4". But it definitely means Divx and it does NOT mean MP4 container support.

    The fact is that probably 99 out of 100 DVD players that support Divx can't play HD Divx files. This is why this sticky exists. To post that you found one player that can play HD Divx and demand that we change the sticky is insane. What about everybody else who doesn't have this Curtis player? If you found a player that this sticky doesn't apply to, that's great for you, but the rest of the people who don't have your player still need to see this.
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  10. Originally Posted by markosjal
    I do not think those are all "current" certifications.
    It doesn't matter. Even if Divx is only handing out Divx Plus HD certifications now, there are still older players in the channel.
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    I have two of the DVP5990 players. They have different firmware versions as I purchased one last year and then another last February. The newer one (firmware xx.xx.xx.31) often freezes when playing DivX files from either disc or USB. Other older one (firmware xx.xx.xx.27) plays the same files with no problems.

    Here's instructions that will show you how to check your firmware version: Link

    Philip's website only seems to have version 31 avaialble. Anyone know where I can DL version 27?
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    I was finally able to play my Xvid avi files on my Samsung 1080P9 by following these 4 steps. Along the way, I will explain
    all of the issues I had and how to get around them. I hope this helps you, i know how frusrating it can be to have technology
    and not know how to use it properly.

    1) insert DVD to rip
    2) using FormatFactory:
    a. select DVD to Video File
    b. make sure only the main title is selected
    c. select English from the Audio Stream dropdown
    e. click the SetRange button and do the following:
    - let the movie play until the first scene begins
    - click the Start Time button to set the begin-point
    - the end is trickier, you have to use trial and error:
    you have to just estimate the end and type in the
    time you guess the end to be, then with the movie
    paused, click the play button next to the End Time
    value. That should take the play time to your value.
    Then just click the main play button to check your
    guess. Compensate one way or the other by pausing the
    movie and editing the end time vaues and repeat the above.
    - Click the OK button to return to main window
    f. click the Output button set the following:
    - select the firt profile (High Quality and size)
    - Video Encode is set to (MPEG-4/Xvid)
    - Video Size is (720x480 DVD-NTSC)
    - Click the OK button to return to main window
    g. enter the File title you want
    h. click the convert button
    i. click the start button
    3) now in C:\Users\[UserName]\Documents\FFOutput you will have your avi, however it might not play in the 1080P9
    1. when i would try to play the avi file created above from the usb drive, it would just go back
    to the main menu without any error message.
    2. after i experimented with SetRange, i got it to play but after
    an hour or so, the movie would return to the main menu as if it was finished
    3. i followed the avi troubleshooting steps, but found
    no problematic encoding options when viewed in GSpot or MPEGModifier

    4) how i finally fixed it:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    1. i happened to notice several weird things that i used to guide me:
    a) when using the "Media File Info" viewer in FormatFactory,
    i noticed the video length was just over one hour, yet the top section
    showed the total length to be 2.5 hours. (this coincided with step 3.2 from above)
    b) many of the fields in GSpot appeared to be readonly
    c) the window file icon didn't show a preview when viewed at "Large Icons"
    d) lastly, the Aspect Ratio viewed in MPEG4Modifier showed a Custome ratio
    2. So in MPEG4Modifier, i selected the 16:9 NTSC option under Aspect Ratio and clicked Save
    3. A new avi was created that did not exhibit any of the weird things from above and it plays on 1080P9
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    Baldrick, correct.

    Use Gspot program to check your files.

    1 Any .avi file (DivX or XviD) should NOT use Qpel or GMC to ensure perfect playback. If it does, get other version or re-encode file.

    2 Resolution higher than 720 x 576 will not work. To low resolution will make playback quality bad. For 4:3 no lower than 512 x 384 and for 16:9 no lower than 448 x 336.

    3 Optimum bitrate for a .avi file is 800-1700kbps. To low and quality is bad, to high can give you playback problems. High bitrate gives you problems when playback is from USB memorystick becaus 80% of DVD-players use USB1, it can not handle to high bitrates for playback. Files on a DVD disc can have higher bitrates but this could give playback problems if chipset can not handle it.

    4 Filesize larger than 2Gb will not work. Most USB memorysticks are FAT16 and that gives a limit of 2Gb size per file others use FAT32 and that gives a limit of 4Gb size. For total compatability use 700Mb or 1400Mb size per file. That will work on any dvd-player regardless of how old it is.

    5 To prevent sound problems, use any of the following AC3 2.0 AC3 5.1 MP3 2.0 MP3 5.1 often PCM works but it is not a good format. DTS do not work becaus most players do not have a DTS decoder and then you can not get stereo sound from your TV set. Some older players might not be able to handle AC3 sound but that is probably not more than 10-15% of the old DVD players. 80% of DVD players can decode the four soundformats and output it in stereo on a TV set.

    6 Packed bit stream should not be a problem for dvd players, maby 10-20% of the older dvd players have a problem with this. So all files with PB should play fine. If you have a player with this problem, by now it is time to get a new player.

    7 Modern players support file browsing with build in utility so you can select files and then playing them back. Files burned on a DVD will show in alphabetic order. Files on USB memorystick might not, edit filename and put 01 02 03 04 or something else so you can identify the files you want to playback.

    8 Becaus of file system limitations on allmost ALL dvd player filenames longer than 8 characters will not show. Use standard 4.3Gb DVD-R for maximum compatability. File browser will display names on a DVD in alphabetic order.

    If you have a old DVD player without filebrowser, it is time to get a new one.

    Burning settings that will work on any dvd player with filebrowser. No need to convert .avi files or anything. Just burn with these options and it will work just like a ordinary dvd disc with computer files on it.

    No multisession
    Data Mode: Mode 1
    File system: ISO 9660 + Joliet
    File Name Length (ISO): Max. Of 31 chars (Level 2)
    Character Set (ISO): ISO 9660 (standard ISO CD-ROM)

    Relax restrictions:

    Only use: Allow more than 64 characters for Joliet names

    Select option: Finalize Disc (no further writing possible)

    Thats it. Old information but could be of some use for someone having problems.
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  14. im such anoob i dont get it?? i get this when i use gpot..
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    I know this is an older post. In the above post g-spot shows that the avi file is indexed in the OPEN-DML format. My DVD player and apparently many others have difficulty with this. The easy solution to strip the open-dml and replace it with a compatable index is easy. Download avi-mux and google how to remove open-dml with said program. avi 1 is the old style and avi2 is with the open-dml index.
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    Sorry guys to bring this up again.

    Recently i have wasted so many blank dvds with failures, when writing data and then trying to play on my divx player.
    At first i thought it might be my player which i brought , but i dug out some old data dvds and they played with no problem.

    Then i thought it might be poor quality dvds which i was using so i used better quality ones,
    even though the old ones which played with no problem were two bob ones.

    I use nero to burn data, which i have always used.

    There must be some software out there that checks that the file you want to burn as data will play on a divx player?
    or is it as not as easy as that.

    Or am i better off buying a dvd player that has a usb input and putting my avi files on a stick and playing them this way.

    Many thanks

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    No, it's not as easy as that because not all dvd players has same avi divx/xvid support.

    Just get a media player that supports most formats instead, see .
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    Cheers dude

    but have never heard or even seen one of these, what do they do?

    is it some sort of hdd you can play direct to your tv ?

    which one would you recommend do you have one?


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  19. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    It's like a mini computer with just a hdd, wifi, usb, remote control and tv outputs(hdmi, composite, etc). THey usually don't have a dvd/blu-ray reader. The popcorn hour is popular.

    But I use my pc connected to the tv for the few blu-rays I watch at home.
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    Cheers mate

    just done a bit of research, and came across this beauty

    just need to purchase a usb stick and it will do the job.

    what you recon???

    cheers again

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  21. Originally Posted by Baldie View Post
    Can't beat that price!
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  22. Member
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    To be honest

    At the price its going for, i still think it is worth a punt
    nothing ventured nothing gained.

    will let you guys know.


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    I'd like to know what your experience is with it. Will stay tuned.

    Seems only to be available from the UK; couldn't find any Can/US offers. Ah well, I've paid silly shipping for box from the UK, why not a boxie MacThingy. Too bad it doesn't support externals over 1gig. I got a great deal on a 2gig, so I guess my DVD player won't be completely obsolete.
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    Samsung BD-D5700 WiFi Blu-ray Disc Player is at Walmart ... I saw it during Christmas ... a month ago on the shelves.

    What interested me is ... it said ... Divx HD

    How well it actually works ... I didn't buy it ... but you could or return it ... if it don't do the job.
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