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    i need to know which filters to use to remove the heavy noise within a video. any suggestions?
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  2. Hello.
    Not sure what sort of noise you're referring to.

    We discussed a noise problem a little while ago.

    Maybe this will lead you along the right path.
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    Not sure what software you want to use, but if you intend to use AviSynth then try these filter functions they remove noise, dirt, scratches and try to improve the source as well

    Be warned though they are very very slow as they use motion filters to remove just the noise and dirt and some very powerful but very slow filters which all adds up to how slow they are

    The final results are very impressive, and you control just how strong the methods are so have some control over what is done to your source, time shouldn't be an issue if you want the best results

    On my AMD 6000+ dual core running at 3.1Ghz using both cores at nearly 100%, they run about 7-9FPS on average
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    The left image rendered at 85.5fps, the right image rendered at 1.3fps

    (Click to See Full Size)
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  5. Ah, video noise.

    Hi Soopa. Very very nice.
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