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    I want to record a vhs tape on my combi onto A TDK DVD+RW . Do i need to format the disc first time i use it . Or can i use straight out of the shrink wrap i am bothered i might trash it first go
    regards nobby
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    Typically DVD recorders can record onto non-formatted DVD+RW discs by formatting them on the fly, so you shouldn't have to pre-format it. It is not wrong to do so though. You won't trash the disc either way.

    Do note that if your VHS tape is a commercial tape and not something someone recorded themselves that a DVD recorder may refuse to record it due to Macrovision on the tape. Also note that DVD+/-RW discs are not intended for long term storage. If you want to keep this on DVD for years to come, you need to use either DVD-R or DVD+R discs instead.
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    DVD-/+RW disks should format when first put into a set top unit.
    For PC use, I format in imgburn.
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