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  1. Hi everybody, I use DVD Decrypter, tempgenc dvd authoring 1.6, DVD2ONE and finally Imgburn to join and edit multiple DVDs to one on my WinXP machine. Now I've been giving a Macbook Pro with 4GB of ram to do my work but I'm having trouble finding those programs on the OS X platform. Well the only one I found is DVD2oneX2. Please I need to find those similar programs that support OS X. Thanks in advance.
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    Get used to it. The Mac world has a much smaller range of software, and in many cases simply has nothing at all to rival many of the free tools that windows users take for granted.

    For ripping you have MacThe Ripper. For editing you can look at iMovie and iDVD for authoring. For compressing what you already have, you might look at Toast. Very little of this is free.

    Have a look at the Mac section under Tools (to your left) for what's around.

    But frankly, unless you are happy with the template driven approach of iDVD, or have the budget for Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio, the Mac is not the best choice for video work.
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  3. Surprisingly I have a hand on both Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro. I tried it but don't have a clue. I assume those programs can't be self taught or is gonna take a long time to learn. Unfortunately what I need is a program like Tempgenc DVD authoring where I can edit .vob files and add multiple dvds to create one dvd. Please help... I've look around but no luck. Thanks. On a note thanks for a quick reply and uhhhhhhh no right click.
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    Hold down the Option or Apple key (can't remember which) and you will get a pseudo right-click. Works in some apps and in the finder.

    The closest you will probably find is either iMovie/iDVD is you want reasonable editing, or Toast if you just want basic authoring.

    My suggestion - install Parallels and XP, or put XP on BootCamp, and use what you want.

    I have asked the Mods to shift this to the Mac forum, where it might get more attention (and where I might get lynched for my heresy)
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    i have yet to find a video tool on the mac that couldn't accomplish a task i was after..use mpegstreamclip to edit vob files, use mpeg2works for simple/menu free dvd authoring and also look into DVDRemaster and myDVDEdit...
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    heck for that matter DVD2ONEX will take multiple .vobs and
    re-author them into one DVD. So will Toast 8, so will Visual Hub.

    Final Cut and DVD Studio Pro can be self taught...I taught myself,
    so I know it's possible. First, easy to read pratical manuals
    are a great start. Martin Sitter's Visual Quick Start Guides for
    DVD Studio Pro is excellent, and Jerry Hofmann on Final Cut Pro
    Tutorial Book are excellent ( both available at
    and can get you up and running with real world examples.

    Following that, Bruce Nazarian's Recipe4DVD website is a great
    DVDSP reference, and I like David Nagel's Creativemac website
    for quick reference.

    Finally I reccomend if you have an USB extra keyboard handy,
    get the Final Cut Keyboard sheet from
    This will also help you master FCP much faster
    ( teaching you keyboard shortcuts, much like Photoshop, Quark,
    or Indesign) than remembering every thing in the Finder Menus.

    They may seem like daunting programs but they can be mastered
    pretty easy, with patience and good manuals and reference tools.
    "Everyone has to learn, so that they can one day teach."
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  7. wow thanks for all the feed back guys! Yes, I was looking around for Boot Camp as an option but one little problem, I don't have Leopard. My current OS is Tiger and I read somewhere on the web that the Boot Camp Beta had expired since the release of Leopard. Now I don't wanna run out and get Leopard just for Boot Camp. Well my boss is not gonna pay for it Thanks again
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    Another option instead of Boot Camp would be to use a virtual machine that runs XP under OS X. Both Parallels and VMWare make software (neither is free) that can run XP. Parallels can only run 32 bit OSes. I've played with VMWare under Leopard and while it does, in theory, support 64 bit Windows, the reality is that on my iMac at work, 64 bit Windows in a virtual machine may have problems. This is an iMac issue, not a VMWare issue. 32 bit XP works fine under VMWare. 64 bit Windows may work fine on non iMacs as well, but I can't test that. A 32 bit virtual machine running XP should be OK if you don't want to fool with Boot Camp. I'm not sure how games work under the virtual machine as I'm not a gamer, but for any normal Windows task things run fine under the virtual machine. I would expect that you could easily use Windows tools under the virtual machine to do video work if you don't like the few Mac tools available.

    By the way, the most hardcore Apple fanboy I know is a guy here at work. If they sold dung in an Apple box, he would buy it. He admitted to me that he uses Windows in a virtual machine at times because there are certain things that are just easier to do under Windows.
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  9. yes, virtual machine is an option but I'll be doing a lot of ripping and encoding won't virtual machine affects performance?i.e. running 2 OS's at once
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