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    Hello everyone,

    New to the forum and also DV editing in general. I'm hoping someone can give me a few pointers regarding video editing?

    Here's the setup;
    I have a DVD copy (.vob .ifo and .bup's)of my recent wedding. I asked for it to be unedited as I'd like to have a go myself.
    I have a video of the kids that I made in Windows Movie Maker with a soundtrack overlay and title screens, which is made up from 4 years worth of phone video clips - this is currently the extent of my editing wizardry!
    I have Photoshop CS2 and I use Super C for all video conversions. Movie Maker is the only video editing app I currently have although I hear Adobe Premiere is very good and has full capabilities until the free trial period expires?
    The .vob file size is 536MB.

    The aim;
    The opening scene is a slow pan of the beach (is a beach wedding) but unfortunately there is a droplet of water on the lens. Can this be edited out frame by frame and could this be done in photoshop? Not sure if editing to this extent is possible?
    I'd like to keep the existing quality and resolution of the video so I can re-burn as a dvd when edited. The editing work will simply be overlay of a soundtrack, clip cuts here and there, inclusion of titles most likely at either end and inclusion of some wedding pictures which are in jpg format. A good range of transition effects is preferential. The next part depends entirely on the editing software - will I need to convert the .vob file into another type for the editing work, and if so what is the best type to convert to to preserve the video as close to the original as possible?

    Your advice is very much appreciated
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    I would try a mpeg/dvd editor like mpeg video wizard(trial available). It wont reconvert the entire video just the transitions part.
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    Thanks Baldrick,
    Do you have any suggestions for a suitable app to edit and reconvert the whole thing? Would Adobe Premiere be capable of this task?
    It's quite a big download so I want to be sure it's definitely the one before I click the button.
    Do you know if the water droplet edit is a possibility? I'd love to include that opening scene but the droplet is a huge distraction
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